Bosch Distributor GeoSolar Energy Reaches Two Year Milestone Proving New Technology; Now Rolling out Product to Home Buyers to Save Thousands in Operating Costs

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Going Green in New Home Construction, Now More Affordable

Kentlands Clubhouse Geothermal Project reaches two year milestone.

GeoSolar Energy installed a geothermal system in the Kentlands Clubhouse two years ago using a new technology: Standing Column of Water. This pilot project proved that Standing Column of Water is both technically sound and proves, after two years of operating data, that home and building owners can use this technology to save up to 40% in operating costs. Now that the data is in, GeoSolar Energy is now rolling out this technology to consumers providing geothermal systems using Bosch equipment. Bosch is known worldwide for its quality and efficiency.

Until recently, using geothermal to heat and cool a house has been the providence of the rich or ambitious DIY’ers. “When I installed geothermal in my house in the 1970’s, I had the technical skills and ability to experiment until I refined the technique,” says Mike Heavener, President of GeoSolar Energy, “I was looking for a solution that avoided tying me to costly oil heating. I estimate that I’ve saved over $100,000 in energy costs over the past 40 years.”

In the past, home builders haven’t considered geothermal to be worth the up-front cost that could limit bells and whistles like expensive kitchen features. However, the first major refinement to geothermal technology is a game changer that has been proven in an award-winning community called Kentlands and will open up more options for consumers. In 2013, GeoSolar Energy, the Maryland Energy Administration ( and the Kentlands Community Board set out to prove that geothermal Standing Column of Water was a reliable, cost-effective solution. The project, installed in the Kentlands Community Clubhouse, demonstrated that geothermal will reduce up-front costs when using a Standing Column of Water (SCW), will perform on the hottest and coldest days in the DC/MD/VA region and will reduce energy costs by 40%. This system has been in operation for two years providing solid ROI data.

A Standing Column of Water (SCW) was used instead of a closed loop or open loop system which, until recently, has been the most typical geothermal install option in this area.

Now that SCW has been demonstrated in a commercial project, it’s expanding into the housing market bringing this technology into reach for the average homebuyer, saving them much of those up-front installation costs and allowing them to afford all of the design elements of a gorgeous kitchen. Additionally, SCW and geothermal meet new consumer demand for lower home operating costs and green, clean technologies.

Multiple Benefits of SCW in Homes

Reduced Cost to Install

  • Half the drilling requirements of a traditional geothermal system (drilling constitutes half the entire labor costs)
  • Use SCW to fulfill fire suppression requirements and avoid the need for large fire suppression tanks and pumps on new homes using wells and septic. Save $3,000 in equipment costs and free up valuable square footage
  • Using federal, state and local tax credits and rebates further reduces up-front costs

Operating Savings

  • 40% savings over air source heat pumps
  • 60% savings over oil or propane heating
  • 15% more efficient over closed loop due to improved conductivity
  • Additional 20% efficiency can be achieved in homes with larger lots by using a bleed line
  • Future flexibility: Because the SCW is a well in the ground it is possible to be used for newer and higher efficient earth heat exchanger technology when developed. Closed loop holes are sealed and can’t take advantage of better technology

Design, Safety and Aesthetic Features

  • Flexible siting: a significant improvement over closed loop fields. Loop fields require digging up grass and navigating around trees. SCW only requires a well or wells allowing flexibility for where it’s sited and requires minimal space
  • Using SCW for fire suppression frees up livable space in the basement. All other heating and cooling systems require large water tanks and pumps
  • Safety: propane and gas heating pose the risk of explosions and house fires. Using geothermal eliminates fuels and the risks that come along with them
  • GeoSolar Energy uses Bosch equipment. Bosch, a $65B international company in business for 125 years, is renowned for its quality appliances and geothermal equipment. See GeoSolar Energy ( and Bosch ( for additional information.

GeoSolar Energy is offering consumers and builders an opportunity to learn more about this technology by arranging a private tour of the Kentlands Community Clubhouse, a Standing Water Column demonstration project funded by a competitive grant from the Maryland Energy Administration. In operation for over two years, this Standing Water Column system is saving the Kentlands Community 40% over their previous system. For more information about this project see

GeoSolar Energy will calculate the substantial tax and operating savings of using Standing Column Water on your new construction project or retrofit project. Contact us for a return on investment report.

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