Home Medical Products Help a Patient with a Mysterious Infection Live a Safer, Better Life

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Beginning this October 2015, Medical Test Supply can help extend patients mobile oxygen supply with a microprocessor controlled conserver. Increasing the patient’s current equipment capacity while monitoring the oxygen levels provide for a new level of safe extended traveling experiences.

“I would not have been able to afford these products anywhere else.”

Home medical devices not only keep patients safe, but they also can provide a higher quality of life. Bernie Dawson is living proof of that.

Dawson’s pulse oximeter helps him monitor his blood oxygen at safe levels, and his oxygen conserver lets him go more places without worrying about running out of oxygen. In fact, Dawson says that if it weren’t for these products, “I might not be here right now.”

He bought both of the devices from Medical Test Supply (http://www.medicaltestsupply.com), an online home medical products supplier.

In 2012, Dawson, 68, was in a car accident that changed his life. The injuries he sustained in the accident have made it necessary for him to have hip replacement surgery. However, he also developed an infection that causes his blood-oxygen levels to fluctuate dangerously, and his doctors won’t perform the surgery until the infection clears up.

The challenge is, the doctors can’t seem to determine what is causing the infection, or even what it is. “I’ve been in and out of the hospital four times this year, and they still don’t know what’s causing the infection,” Dawson explained.

Dawson’s doctors prescribed oxygen tanks, but the vast fluctuations in his blood oxygen levels made it difficult to regulate. Affected by heat and humidity, his blood-oxygen would sometimes dip to dangerous levels. “My oxygen levels were going crazy,” he said.

Dawson decided to take matters into his own hands the day after he was taken by ambulance from his home, with a dangerously low blood-oxygen level of 57. Frustrated, he did some research on his own and found Medical Test Supply.

After speaking with a representative at Medical Test Supply, Dawson decided to purchase a Prince Wrist Pulse Oximeter and a Smartdose Mini Electronic Oxygen Conserver. Since purchasing these devices, Dawson not only feels safer, but he is able to live a fuller life.

Dawson wears the pulse oximeter during sleep, as it continually monitors his oxygen level and sounds an alarm when it gets too low. Because it records up to 480 hours of data, it has been a trusted source of information for both him and his doctors. “The last time I was in the hospital, they never even put their equipment on me,” he said. “They just used my pulse oximeter.”

As much as he appreciates the pulse oximeter, it’s the oxygen conserver that Dawson enjoys the most. Because his condition causes his oxygen levels to fluctuate, he tended to set his oxygen tank regulators at a high level. This caused him to go through oxygen tanks quickly, and it meant that he could never be far from home.

Then he found the Smartdose on Medical Test Supply. The Smartdose automatically delivers the right amount of oxygen for the patient’s needs, increasing the supply when needed, and decreasing it to conserve oxygen when it’s not.

What Dawson likes about the Smartdose is that it’s easy to use. “When I first got it, I took it out of the box, put it on the tank, and followed the step-by-step instructions,” he said. “It’s very simple to use.”

The Smartdose senses when Dawson needs more oxygen, like when he’s exerting himself, and automatically adjusts the dosage. This not only is safer for Dawson, it’s more convenient. “You don’t have to constantly adjust the regulator for changes in temperature or activity,” he said.

Another important benefit, according to Dawson, is that the Smartdose conserves oxygen tanks. This not only saves money, but it also contributes to a higher quality of life. “I was going through four times the tanks I use now. I wouldn’t be able to go to the places I go now,” he said. “I was outside for the first time a week ago. It took more oxygen, and it made the adjustment.”

Dawson is resigned to the fact that he may never be able to have the hip surgery he needs. But with the pulse oximeter and oxygen conserver from Medical Test Supply, he is able to live as normal a life as possible. “I wouldn’t be able to go the places I go now (without the pulse oximeter and oxygen conserver),” he said.

And without MTS, he adds, he might not have those products. He says the provider has a genuine concern for helping their customers, and that’s reflected in their prices and business practices. “Their prices are affordable,” he concluded. “I would not have been able to afford these products anywhere else.”

For more information about these and other products, visit http://www.medicaltestsupply.com.

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