Luxembourg-Based AirBoxLab Launches Foobot in U.S.

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New indoor air quality innovation bridges environmental and personal health priorities

Luxembourg-based technology startup company AirBoxLab recently introduced its Foobot air quality device to the U.S. market. As the brainchild of AirBoxLab CEO Jacques Touillon, Foobot aims to address both individual health and larger societal concerns as it helps people to enjoy and benefit from clean indoor air, which the company calls “the daily bread of our lungs.”

Foobot fits within the arena of the Internet of things (IoT) as a smart device. It leverages predictive artificial intelligence to optimize indoor air flow through chemical and physical pollution control, and temperature and humidity indicators. Sensors continuously monitor pollution sources, that data is transmitted to a dedicated, secure server, and end users can then review findings and suggested corrective actions via a mobile application.

Though attention is commonly given to outdoor environmental pollutants, Foobot creators stress that indoor air also suffers from a variety of impurities. These contaminants, which may include carcinogenic particles such as formaldehyde and benzene, among others, that can have a negative impact on overall health and well-being.

Indoor environments, from homes to workplaces, can become hotbeds for invisible pollutants, as household products, new furniture, flooring, detergents, thinners, solvents, sprays, wall coverings, paints and deodorants combine to create potentially toxic air space. Such pollutants have been linked to a range of health concerns, as volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, noxious fumes and chemical products present wellness risks to the environment at large and public health in general.

Foobot designer Touillon was inspired to develop the device after his son was diagnosed with asthma.

“My youngest child struggled with baby asthma, and I saw how he fought so hard against this invisible enemy,” Touillon says. “As I was already working in the environmental sector, I sought to create a new technology that coupled the predictive optimization of air quality with the Internet of Things (IoT) service.”

As an IoT technology, Foobot facilitates indoor air purification on three levels:

  • First, the device optimizes the renewal of indoor air, providing users with real-time advice and intelligent monitoring.
  • Second, Foobot identifies sources of pollution through sensor-based continuous measurement and multivariate analysis, detecting and pinpointing causes of interior pollution.
  • Thirdly, Foobot encourages users to modify their behavior and address their environs to reduce indoor pollutants and mitigate further production.

“People are aware of the environmental challenges our global population is facing, but people want their health protected first, while also protecting the environment at the same time,” says Touillon. “So our answer is: ‘by doing good for yourself, you’ll be doing good for the environment’.”

Foobot first launched in Europe in the spring of 2015 and will be introduced in China in the fall. The device, priced at $199, is currently available in the U.S. at Amazon, and other major health and wellness retailers.

About AirBoxLab
AirBoxLab is a Luxembourg-based technology startup company that was established in 2013 with the purpose of creating tools that empower citizens with knowledge to make more informed decisions for their health and well-being. After years of research and testing, Airboxlab created Foobot to help people take control of their indoor air, for the benefit of their health and well-being. More information can be found at

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