Fiorentino Para-Anchor Develops New Extra Large Sea Anchors to Slow Drift of Oil Tankers & Merchant Ships

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Features New Modified Patented Para-Ring® Hardware

The new DRAGon Chute™ features Fiorentino's patented Para-Ring® technology now modified for oil tankers and merchant ships. Made in the U.S.A.

Fiorentino Para-Anchor has released their new DRAGon Chute™, a groundbreaking U.S.A. made parachute sea anchor with an easy-to-use Rapid Deployment Package TM that slows the drift of disabled merchant ships and tankers at sea.

The para-anchor allows large vessels to reduce grounding and stabilize roll effects, leveraging Fiorentino’s patented Para-Ring® technology. It drastically improves the performance of large sea anchors, which can be heavy, unwieldy and feature electronics that can fail at critical times.

“In our decades-long research on parachute-style sea anchors, we found it’s best to keep it simple when operating large devices, which can be over-designed and prone to failures,” said Zack Smith, research director of Fiorentino. “We’ve used simple technology so that deck hands are able to actually deploy our para-anchor safely, even in rough seas.”

The DRAGon Chute TM is a modified, extra-large version of the para-anchors Fiorentino has manufactured for the U.S. Coast Guard, mega-yachts and specialty vessels since 2000. Its diameter is about 25 to 50 percent larger than the company’s existing large para-anchors, and its lighter design promotes rapid deployment.

The Para-Ring, which has been awarded a dozen patents, is the industry’s first anti-tangle hardware now modified for the new DRAGon chute ™. It serves as a stabilizer, allowing the para-anchor’s swivel to spin more freely so that the rode and shroud lines help combat tangles. This provides a distinct advantage for merchant and oil tanker ships deploying large chutes compared to current industry standards.

Since 1958, Fiorentino has pioneered parachute-style sea anchor and storm drogue research, and was the first to develop high-performance hardware to complement the single swivel mechanism commonly used in sea anchors. It began supplying large, 100-foot modified parachutes to the commercial shipping industry in the 1960s and was the first to test the use of helicopters to deploy para-anchors.

Additionally, Fiorentino conducted dozens of para-anchor tug boat and tow tests from various vessels using load cell equipment to determine shock loading, leading to the Constant Rode Tension Theory™ and a volume of first-ever research reports and videos that revolutionized
safety at sea.

The DRAGon Chute™ is the culmination of these efforts, and after numerous successful tests, NASA selected it for Orion water recovery operations in 2009.

“The Para-Anchor proved to be valuable in our recovery efforts,” said Michael Lane, electrical engineering technician with NASA. “It helped cut the drift rate in half…”

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