Gourmet Mushroom Products Now Offers Organic Mushroom Plugs To Grow Pounds of Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms

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Fall is one of the best times for cutting and inoculating logs with Gourmet Mushroom Products' new mushroom plugs for years of fresh mushrooms.

Maitake Mushroom (Grifola frondosa) Hen of the Woods

Maitake Mushroom (Grifola frondosa) Hen of the Woods

Mushroom plug inoculated logs can provide years of mushrooms.

After bringing the freshest in gourmet mushrooms to your home for over 25 years with indoor mushroom growing kits, this fall Gourmet Mushroom Products (GMHP) offers hardy gourmet and medicinal mushroom organic spawn plugs for inoculating backyard logs & stumps. “We now offer our Certified Organic Spawn as plug spawn,” said James Malachowski of GMHP.

Now organic spawn for hardy exotic, gourmet and medicinal mushroom species: Shiitake, Maitake (Hen-of-the-Woods), Hericium (Lion’s Mane), Ganoderma (Reishi), Blue Oyster, and Sonoma Brown Oyster is available from Gmushrooms.org. These sterilized birch plugs are grooved and fully colonized by pure mushroom mycelium.

Fall is one of the best times for cutting and inoculating logs. Mushroom plugs make a wonderful gift for a mushroom lover, a gourmand, a budding scientist, or a gardener, but anybody can cultivate mushrooms with GMHP’s plug spawn. The spawn is simple to introduce, creates no mess, and takes up little space. Kids and adults alike will enjoy preparing the logs and watching the mushrooms grow for years. Log cultivation is usually done with logs 4 - 6 inches in diameter with a length of 3 to 4 feet. Oak is particularly good for the cultivation of most mushrooms though many other species work well also: poplar, aspen, sugar maple, willow, alder and birch, among others.

Logs generally begin producing 6 months to 1 year after inoculation; after which, they usually continue to fruit for 4 years producing 1-2 lbs. per year. The timing of mushroom production in nature depends on both temperature and rain. Once a log has “flushed” (produced a crop of mushrooms), it should be allowed to “rest” for at least 10 to 12 weeks to provide the mushroom mycelium (body) time to replenish the energy required for producing more mushrooms. Each log usually produces 2.5 lb - 4 lb over its lifetime. For inoculation, all you need is a drill with a 5/16 inch drill bit, a hammer and cheese wax. Plug Spawn comes complete with user-friendly instructions.

Plug Spawn can stay viable for up to 6 months in a refrigerator.

Spawn Certified 100% Organic in the United States by Quality Assurance International (Certificate No. 103491-A).

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