Health Food Emporium Announces Sale on MegaFood's New MegaFlora Probiotic Products and Other Immunity Support Products

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Megafood, a whole food supplement company, has expanded their probiotic line to include targeted probiotics for women, prenatal and seniors. Health Food Emporium is having a sale on these new products as well as Megafood's other immune support products.

New MegaFlora for Women, Seniors

New MegaFlora from MegaFood

the more I learn about these life-giving microflora, the more I’m convinced that nearly every illness has a gut-borne cause—and a gut-borne remedy.

The MegaFood company, in a recent press release, announced that they have added 3 new targeted formulas to their MegaFlora probiotic line: "MegaFlora for Baby & Me, MegaFlora for Women, and MegaFlora for Over 50. These additions to the existing MegaFlora product line each contain the original MegaFlora 14 strain blend, with additional strains chosen for their clinically-shown ability to offer tangible health benefits to the digestive system, immune health and overall well-being of each unique segment."

To join with MegaFood in the release of these new products, Health Food Emporium will have all MegaFlora products, as well as other immunity support products, on sale for the month of October. "As research continues to pour in supporting the fact that probiotics support immune health, we are very excited to see a great company like MegaFood come out with new targeted formulas for women, pregnant women, and the over 50 crowd," said Gail Bowman, owner of Health Food Emporium, an online health food store. "When we talked about the sale this month, we decided to include other products that also support immune health, like Vitamin C and MegaFood's Elderberry Acute Defense powder. To receive the sale price, just add the product to your cart to see the sale price from this page: MegaFood Sale."

According to by Leigh Erin Connealy, MD in an article published in Newport Natural Health, February 2015, "A probiotic food or supplement contains living microorganisms—”friendly bacteria” that confer substantial health benefits. Probiotics are well-known for their digestive benefits. They can help eliminate gas, bloating and indigestion—they help relieve constipation and ensure regularity. But there is VERY strong evidence that probiotics can improve your immune system as well. In fact, research shows that 70% of your immune system is in your gut. And the more I learn about these life-giving microflora, the more I’m convinced that nearly every illness has a gut-borne cause—and a gut-borne remedy. Our gut is constantly exposed to foreign molecules, good and bad bacteria, viruses, pollutants and other toxins. That’s why the health of our gut, and what we put into it, plays such a huge role in our overall health and quality of life."

MegaFlora for Baby & Me: Promotes immune health and nutrient absorption in pregnant mother and child. Organic Ginger, supplied by MegaFood farm partner Kauai Organic Farms, also gently supports digestive function.

MegaFlora for Women: Includes Organic Cranberry, a super fruit rich in proanthocyanidins which naturally support urinary tract health, provided by MegaFood farm partner James Lake Farms. The addition of Beet, Burdock and Dandelion Root together nourish existing microbiome and feminine health, and enhance the effectiveness and colonization of the probiotics.

MegaFlora for Over 50: Contains a broad spectrum of probiotics designed to encourage regularity, healthy bowel function and proper digestion for reduced gas and bloating. Certified Organic Turmeric Root from Kauai Organic Farms also promotes a healthy colon in both men and women.

Gail Bowman has owned and operated Health Food Emporium, an online health food store, since 2003 and specializes in whole food vitamins and supplements. Gail can be reached at 888-244-8948.

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