MyChi, the World’s First Food Therapy Smart Assistant, Launches to Improve Sleep and Holistic Health

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Shiyi’s MyChi Traditional Chinese Food Therapy(FCFT) assistant now available for pre-sale on indiegogo, half off regular retail price, delivered in April 2016. Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, analyzing users' daily sleeping and waking habits, MyChi offers dietary and other holistic lifestyle advice to improve users' sleep quality and everyday well-being.

MyChi device&app

MyChi system

MyChi applies TCM Meridian Organ Clock theory to identify the body’s weaknesses and imbalances that bother sleep, turning this into actionable daily advice on custom eating, exercise and acupuncture to improve sleep and health.

Today, Shiyi ( announced the indiegogo campaign launch of its flagship product, the MyChi Pebble, a holistic health device. MyChi helps improve sleep and wellbeing based on personalized, daily holistic lifestyle guidance. What makes MyChi unique is its offer of tailored advice drawn from personalized data analysis, grounded in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Based on each user’s sleep patterns, the app gives a custom set of dietary, lifestyle and therapeutic assessments. With its unique blend of East and West, old and new, MyChi is the world’s first Traditional Chinese Food Therapy (TCFT) smart assistant. (MyChi Indiegogo Campaign)

The MyChi Pebble is a small ergonomic device fitted with a chip and sensor array, to be placed under the user’s pillow at night to track sleep patterns. In the morning the device automatically syncs with the MyChi app. MyChi uses this data and applies TCM Meridian Organ Clock theory to analyze imbalances in the user’s body that may contribute to chronic illness or other health problems. MyChi offers acupressure recommendations, weekly eating plans based on Food Therapy, and Chinese Medicine-based restaurant guides. It also comes with thousands of TCFT recipes, a glossary of more than 100 health foods and their therapeutic TCM value, and seasonal eating guides to prevent common illnesses.

Cofunder Anna Na says, “We developed MyChi from studies by the Beijing TCM Research Center. Scrutinizing 1,000 patient records over ten years, the Beijing TCM Research Center built the Sleep Quality Model according to Traditional Chinese Medicine's meridian organ clock theory*.”

Because the feedback is monitored nightly, MyChi is constantly adjusting recommendations for the user.

Anna Na muses, “We’re at a unique point in history. Possibilities expand rapidly with advancements in technology, but we risk outrunning the wisdoms of our cultural heritage. Obviously, it is not realistic to apply ancient methods unaltered today, yet there is much we can learn from the old ways. The solution lies in a balanced synthesis of new and old. We hope MyChi will be the spark that starts a healthy holistic revolution.”

Anna Na notes, “Stress, environmental issues, and the increase of chronic disease such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are causing many to consider what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, dietary supplements, processed food, and fast food flood the market. It is so easy to reach for quick fixes that often harm more than help. Emerging research increasingly reveals what our ancestors knew; The solution lies in simple, healthful foods. Though each individual is different, and it would take immense education, discipline and time to discover your body's unique needs- This is where MyChi can help.”

Conceived two years ago, MyChi has been fine-tuned, reiterated, prototyped and tested. Now the team is announcing their crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo to begin production and garner feedback from potential users. The campaign launched on October 12th, with backers receiving their MyChi Pebble in April next year. A complete MyChi system is priced at $69 during the campaign period but expected to retail at $129 in-store afterwards. Those interested in holistic health, healthy eating, whole foods,or traditional Eastern medicine (TCM) will be excited for this unique opportunity.

*Meridian Organ Clock Theory is used in acupuncture practice. Some people call it the Body Clock system. It’s a natural law that models the movement of energy patterns, qi flow and blood flow, throughout body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, within each 24 hour cycle, each 2 hour period is related to an organ network. From 1am to 3am, for example, is connected to the liver organ network. If you always wake up (or don’t sleep) during this period of time, it indicates that your liver network is in need of adjustment. This theory is used for both diagnosis and treatment of organ network weakness in TCM.

About Shiyi: This Shanghai-based startup is dedicated to revolutionizing the way people live, using smart tech and wellness coaching apps based on thousands of years of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Find them online at; to support the indiegogo campaign, visit their launch page.

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