FlingGolf Flings New Life Into Venerable Sport

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Introducing FlingGolf, the hottest new action sport since snowboarding, which combines lacrosse and golf in a fun, fast moving, engaging game that can be played on any course by all ages, with no need for new holes or tees, using a regulation golf ball. And it is already being played on hundreds of courses across America, as well as in Canada and Europe.

Golf has a centuries-long history and more than its fair share of heroes—but the sport isn’t keeping pace with today’s athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. According to the Alternative Golf Association, just one in five golfers plays the sport regularly.

Introducing FlingGolf, the hottest new action sport since snowboarding — one option to get more people out on America’s golf courses. It’s a fun, fast moving, engaging game that can be played on any course by all ages, with no need for new holes or tees, using a regulation golf ball.

Instead of clubs, FlingGolfers use a single FlingStick — a lightweight, carbon fiber stick with a high tech cradle for the ball at the end. The FlingStick supports lacrosse-like overhead and sideways throws, chip-like tosses, and the ability to roll or glide the ball into the hole on the green. A good fling can send the ball sailing more than 200 yards, and the FlingStick’s accuracy ensures players’ scores are comparable to those of regular golfers.

FlingGolf is the brainchild of Alex Van Alen, a Boston-area sports innovator whose great-uncle, Jimmy Van Alen, invented the tiebreaker in tennis. “FlingGolf will do for struggling golf courses what snowboarding did for winter resorts facing declining crowds in the 1980s — bring in millions of young, active consumers,” said Alex Van Alen, founder, FlingGolf. “Simply put, FlingGolf will attract a whole new customer base to a golf course. All signs indicate our sport can follow the same trajectory as the snowboarding revolution and transform the golf industry. It is also very fun to play.”

FlingGolf is easy to learn. And it’s played alongside regular golf; FlingGolfers use traditional golf’s scoring system, with minor variations, and can walk or ride the course with traditional golfers. “Parents who golf can now bring their kids out to play alongside them,” added Van Alen. “It’s a great way to get the family out on the course together — and everyone will be having fun at the same time.”

The company’s advisers include NBA champion and former Boston Celtics coach M.L. Carr, and former Burton Snowboards COO/CFO Mike Abbott. “Innovation in the sports world doesn’t come along every day,” said M.L. Carr, investor and board member of FlingGolf. “The three-point line made major comebacks and upsets possible in the NBA; the two-line pass changed the pace of play in the NHL; and the snowboard opened the world of winter sports to an entire generation and revitalized the ailing ski industry. FlingGolf is the next sports innovation for this era.”

Though players don’t need lacrosse experience to enjoy the sport, many FlingGolfers play or played youth and high school lacrosse — the country’s fastest growing team sport, and one that skews younger than many others.

FlingGolf is awakening long-dormant passions in formerly serious golfers, as well. “I can’t believe that I’m actually enjoying a sport again,” said Todd Kopp of CoreAthletics. “I gave up golf simply because it was taking too long while balancing my family and business workloads. After discovering FlingGolf, I’m back out there having fun, getting exercise— and spending time with the family.”

Tyler Fahey, a lacrosse player that did not play golf, was hooked after he bought his first FlingStick and regularly enjoys his new sport. “I started throwing the ball more than 200 yards, and now I play FlingGolf right alongside my golfing brother and friends in a foursome,” said Fahey. “I had hardly ever been to the golf course near my house — but now I enjoy it, FlingGolfing with my brother and friends after work.”

FlingGolf fits perfectly on regulation golf courses, and in other environments — driving ranges, open parks, big lawns, college campuses, on the beach — making it more versatile than traditional golf and other golf alternatives. Each FlingStick retails for between $130 and $200, depending on size.    

FlingGolf is overseen and promoted by Boston-based PlusOne Sports, LLC, a privately held firm that created the FlingStick and continues to design, test and assemble the device in Massachusetts. PlusOne Sports sells FlingSticks and FlingGolf accessories and apparel online and through a growing retail partner network in North America and Europe.

For more information about FlingGolf, visit the sport’s official website at http://www.flinggolf.com.


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