Hotel Data Launched New Web Based Technology Improving Hotel Operations Efficiency

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In an ever more competitive industry, smart hotel owners and operators know that they need to be as efficient as possible to thrive and be successful. A new resource in this area winning quick praise is Hotel Data, who recently announced their launch offering a web-based software that can completely transform a hotel's efficiency for the better.

For a hotel to do their best, be as profitable as possible and succeed against large and hungry competition, experts agree, a number of factors must be in place, not the least of which is being very efficient. If not, money can literally leak out from a number of places, the last thing a hotel owner or operator wants to face. Fortunately, a new startup, Hotel Data, is offering a web-based technology that can be a game changer in this area. Early users have responded with enthusiasm.

Sean Krueger, a Hospitality and Dotcom entrepreneur was recently interviewed about his latest startup, Hotel Data. Hotel Data is a web based software application that improves hotel operations efficiency.

“Hotel Data combines my passion for hospitality with my business partner, Steve Edwards’ passion for internet Database build out and security,” commented Sean Krueger, Hospitality and Dotcom Entrepreneur and co-founder of Hotel Data. “Don't make any mistake about it, Hotel Data, is a valuable tool that will save most hotels both time and money. Our mission is to exceed expectations.”

According to the company, Hotel Data offers the ability to store nearly all important hotel data onto a secured server thus eliminating the need to print/store: Invoice Receipts, Employee Files, STAR Reports, PMS Reports, Bank Statements, and any other important information required by Hotel Data’s clients.

The web-based platform is also credited with being simple and easy to use. Reports and reviews of the free Hotel Data have confirmed this claim, with the average user stating they can use all of the platform's features within ten minutes of logging in for the first time.

Krueger, remarked, “With Hotel Data we provide point and click technology that requires little to no training, thus eliminating the normal training curve most Hotel Companies experience when implementing a new process.”

The platform is being credited with delivering a very large number of clear benefits to users. The first is the very easy to recognize and use main page for each hotel, which mirrors the look, feel and performance of their iPhone/Android; followed by over 40 other benefits, highlighted by:

  • Employee Schedule feature – This allows the Department heads to type in the days/hours for each employee schedule, with names and phone numbers of each employee, which are automatically populated to save time. At the bottom of each schedule is an area that displays if the schedule is in line with the hotel’s budgeted numbers based upon rooms sold/forecast. The department head can even click a button to email the schedule to all employees.
  • Flex Budget feature - The Flex Budget allows a General Manager to enter a new forecast of rooms sold / revenue when there are changes in the market, like as an example, an unplanned event that consumed the area hotel rooms which was unforeseen when completing the budget. By entering just a few lines of data, the General Manager is able to see a new expense level for each line item that can be shared with each department head in real time.

Krueger credited these two features for opening up the doors to management in order to focus more on guest needs, while Hotel Data did the heavy lifting taking care of former time and energy drainers, commenting, “The Flex Budget allows each hotel to communicate in business language to the corporate office while the General Manager is taking care of the guest and training his/her employees”.

Hotel Data's origins were born out of necessity. Sean Krueger was tasked as President of Operations & Sales for K&K Hotel Group in providing systems in order to support both property management and investor needs.

Krueger contacted a company he was very familiar with that provided P&L and Hotel Accounting Software. When told the company would not provide a Chart of Accounts, it would take two weeks to create a database, and Mr. Krueger would have to spend a week in Florida for training he withdrew his interest to purchasing their product. Within a week, Sean spoke with Steve Edwards, an accomplished data programmer and Sean’s former CTO of iMob, a very successful Facebook game. Originally Sean wanted to hire Steve to transform sophisticated excel programs into a web application. With a deeper vision, Edwards saw the need for a web-based platform offering greater efficiency across the hospitality industry, and how Krueger’s knowledge could provide this solution, offering it at a nominal monthly fee. And the Hotel Data dream quickly became a reality. After a successful beta the platform is now open for new users.

Early feedback from users has been passionate.

Paul Gleason, Director of Sales at Holiday Inn Southwest, recently said in a five star review, “I have been in the business for over 25 years and have yet to see a program as efficient and as easy to use as I have seen with Hotel Data. The ability to have access to all information on one site is an invaluable tool to look at the past and present and make decisions on future. Being a web based program makes it convenient to review how the hotel is performing at home or wherever I can access internet.”

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