The Anarchist Manifesto - Anarchy Guaranteed Soon Through Tax Audit Insurance, Lotteries, Shelters, Expense of Social Services, Chaos, and Sedition Accusations

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Over-spending in Washington and most governments world-wide, with oversight freezing the Federal Reserve, tax shelters potentially causing almost all taxation to cease, combined with profitability of tax delinquencies incentivized by lotteries, insurance, and a new political party offered by, to insure competitiveness and avoid unemployment with shrinking access to social services, guarantee stateless society world-wide.

The Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, the Communist Manifesto, and now this from Jim Wood, the minor version of the most important written document in history…

The website has a podcast and information on tax exemptions, and the profitability of tax delinquencies with two inventions, tax audit insurance, and tax audit lotteries, and an Anarchist Party, “a legal, peaceful way to wipe out taxation, create competition where everyone can profit off the imminent doom of the public sector, cause the overnight collapse of government, and force privatization for better, cheaper, friendlier service, a permanent good world economy, and eventual lawfulness through lawlessness, rather than upholding an anti-libertarian system”, according to Jim Wood. “People should consume more social services and cause chaos to force the government to spend more money on temporary disorder and bankrupt them out of existence. The depression has no recovery in sight, as alternative media statistics reveal higher unemployment, inflation, and crime in memory, and increasing interest rates with few loans because of too many low credit scores, and the economy will never rebound without a tax revolt. Republicans are unlikely to win the White House in 2016, and there will probably be no tax cuts in the foreseeable future to stimulate economic growth. But tax cuts only increase tax revenues and expand the size of government, so President Obama’s strategy is working. Paying taxes is foolish because your competition won't pay taxes, taking away your market share, putting you out of business, and you wind up on the streets with diminishing social service money," Wood goes on. Like Karl Marx said, socialism leads to communism leads to anarchy.

“Devolution of matriarchal communist countries, over-feminized and doomed to fail like the Soviet Union, will give way to patriarchal capitalist evolution, the conversion of the indiscreet or its starvation and killing-off out of existence with the necessity of vigilante activity, and the threat of vigilante activity to reduce crime, giving way to a more peaceful world and the promise of 1,000 years of peace in the Bible. Anticipation of what lies ahead, because of a tax revolt and a call for chaos and the raping, plundering, and pillaging of the tax coffers, will cause politicians to make deep cuts to everything but the National Guard, similar to what companies do because of the future’s market, as we prepare for Armageddon and a show-down to determine who is fit to inherent the world. Anarchy has happened many times in the past, usually temporary and chaotic, but out of chaos comes order like Nietzsche said, and those who do not kill us make us stronger. The anarchist is hydrogen fluoride, others are molecules of more effeminate persuasion, being added to them, causing a turbulent catalytic reaction, leading to equilibrium, and peace”, Wood states.

Jim Wood, owner of, with a podcast which debuts at 12 noon to 3 PM PST, is one of the co-founders of the Minuteman Movement and it’s most active member who raised more money than any other Minuteman. He is formerly an engineer, teacher, journalist, and inventor of surgically implanted devices and solar-powered covert cameras. His creation, the Border Fence Project and Declaration Alliance, raised over 5 million dollars for fortifications on the Mexican border. The Minutemen were violently attacked many times by protesters, aided and abetted by peace officers who arrested and tried to convict numerous Minutemen just for being victims of a crime, leading to violent retaliation, and success.

Jim Wood has no fear of the consequences, death or otherwise, as he is gravely ill and happy to make one of the greatest sacrifices in human history. “Love me or especially if you hate me, you give me exactly what I want – Hannibal, Elijah Muhammad, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr., I follow suit and any investigation and attempt to prosecute leads to more publicity, as my followers and I have far more knowledge and y chromosomes then the anathema in the public sector criminal justice system as Darwinism will work against them. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Defendants of this rebellion will become wealthy, humiliating any prosecutors with powerful attorneys, and retaliation against those who propose long term confinement with Federal Reserve money, as it will only lead to prison riots and attempts to extricate those in confinement by a private military. Many people are selling 3D printers, now much cheaper and creating the capacity to mass-produce plastic guns for pennies on the dollar, making it unsafe for court rooms to operate because of the potential to conceal them and pass through scanners. Every day is opposite day, almost everything power does is an evil double-standard – they, their supporters, and a state run media who benefit from their counter-productive behavior, will have to convert or disappear. The consummate bad boy always wins, until Christ returns. Most people are a bunch of co-dependent men and women, and all my comrades and I do is take advantage of them, especially when they think they are punishing us, as it is only a reward, they have always given us what we want and they always will. Everyone has an inherent character that never changes, the Men of Sin are the scorpion, and the co-dependents are the frog”, according to Wood.

“I am an anachronism of the ancient past, and a specter of the distant future,” Wood states. This is a momentous time in history and he is assured very high ratings for a very long time, as the world should soon become what L.A. was during the Rodney King beating riots of 1992, where the absence of an open-carry law didn’t matter, then Tombstone, Arizona, and the prospect for 1,000 years of peace.

“He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.” Revelation 13:10.

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