Body Contouring In Beverly Hills Improved With New Painless Fat Melting Treatment

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Dass is the first doctor in Beverly Hills to offer SculpSure™painless body contouring and fat reduction treatments. “This new FDA approved device uses laser light to eliminate unwanted fat faster, easier and more comfortably than other body contouring treatments that utilize cold or heat,” says Dr. Dass.

Dr. Dennis Dass brings SculpSure body contouring to Beverly Hills

Dr. Dennis Dass brings SculpSure body contouring to Beverly Hills

SculpSure™ is completely non-invasive, requires no anesthesia and offers painless fat reduction and body contouring.

“SculpSure™ is the world’s first ‘hyperthermic’ laser treatment designed for non-invasive ‘lipolysis’ or removal of fat from the flanks and abdomen,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Dass, who now offers the painless body contouring treatment to Los Angeles area residents in his Beverly Hills office. “SculpSure™ directs targeted laser light to the desired body areas to reduce unwanted fat. The light energy heats the fat cells, agitating the fat which causes them to release from the surrounding tissues. Over the course of a few weeks the body will naturally dispel the melted fat cells creating a smooth, contoured appearance. The heating energy of the SculpSure™ laser also triggers the body’s production of collagen and elastin which will help the treated areas to look firmer and younger.”

Fat Melting Or Fat Freezing? How To Decide
While there are several types of non-invasive body contouring procedures available, SculpSure™ offers a number of advantages, says Dr. Dass. “Unlike other fat reduction devices that are limited to use on ‘curvy’ areas of the body, SculpSure™ is also beneficial for treating areas that are flat or convex. For example, unlike Coolsculpting®, a treatment that uses cold instead of heat, with SculpSure the patient’s tissue is not suctioned into the device for the treatment, so it is much more comfortable. Also, with Sculpsure™ a larger body area can be treated with each session and we have more flexibility in the areas or regions that can be treated.”

“SculpSure™ treatments do not require any topical or local anesthesia," says Dr. Dass. "To begin treatment, SculpSure™ applicators are positioned in the area targeted for fat removal. The laser energy emitted from the applicators heats the fat cells while thermal regulation and control of the laser pulsing ensures that the process is not painful for the patient. By contrast, Coolsculpting® works in the opposite manner by vacuuming tissue up into the device and employing rapid cooling to ‘freeze’ fat cells, which many patients report as being very uncomfortable. One SculpSure treatment on an area typically takes just 25 minutes, less than half the time required by CoolSculpting and other treatments.”

“SculpSure does not cause any negative physical side effects, and there is virtually no recovery period,” says Dr. Dass. “ Since SculpSure™ provides thermal stimulation, the quality and tone of the skin may be better after treatment compared to methods that use cold temperatures.”

For more information and to schedule a SculptSure consultation with Dr. Dennis Dass call 855- 496-4646 and visit

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