Bert® Wi-Fi Plug Load System Adds Temperature Measurement and Control

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Bert® products now feature remote real-time temperature data collection and temperature based control for both individual plug and circuit level loads.

Plug Load Management for Circuits and Receptacels

Bert Product Family

"Bert is now a remote control thermostat for room air conditioners."

Best Energy Reduction Technologies, LLC (BERT), the leading supplier of Wi-Fi based plug load management systems, announces immediate availability of temperature enabled Bert® products. In addition to providing real-time measurement and control for individual plug or circuit level loads, Bert® products now measure and record ambient temperature.

Bert® Temperature provides Building Automation systems a cost-effective method to remotely monitor, record and control temperature throughout a building. Temperature data can now be continuously collected from any device or circuit within a building and is no longer limited to data from existing thermostats.

About Bert® Temperature

The Bert® product family, including both the Bert® Smart Plug and Bert® Inline products, individually monitor and record temperature continuously. Devices, such as heaters and room air conditioners, can now be turned on or off based upon user-defined high and low temperature set points. Real-time temperature data and historical information is available by hour, day, month, year and user-defined time-period.

“Instead of just turning an air conditioning unit on and off based on a building schedule, we can now turn the units on and off based on predefined low and high temperature set points,” says Scott Yetter, CEO of Best Energy Reduction, LLC. “Our energy management and building automation partners such as Cisco® with Cisco Energy Manager and Tridium now have real-time temperature information that can be collected and monitored remotely from any point in the building.”

About The Bert® Plug Load Management System

Offering an unparalleled combination of functionality and flexibility, the Bert® Plug Load Management System lowers plug load energy costs using the existing Wi-Fi network. Bert® provides mass remote control so each building and/or device can have a unique schedule by turning loads off during nights, weekends and holidays when buildings are unoccupied. By simply plugging vending machines, printers, copiers, water coolers, projectors, coffee machines, etc. into the Bert® Smart Plug series or wiring circuits with the Bert® Inline Series, commercial buildings can remotely measure and control lighting and plug loads at both the outlet and circuit level for loads from 120V/15A to 277V/20A. Bert® Measurement enables remote energy usage measurement, providing real time power readings and historical power usage by hour, day, month, year and user-defined time-period. Bert® Vend adds special threshold intelligence to protect sensitive equipment such as compressors and projectors from turning off while running.

The Bert® system installs quickly so energy savings are immediate and payback is typically between 1 and 4 years. Since Bert® measures and controls plug load, the system is often included in performance contracts from Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens, Schneider Electric and Energy System Group.

Learn more about how K-12 schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, state/local governments and retailers are managing plug load and saving energy with the Bert® Plug Load Management System by visiting

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