Second Edition Launched - America's Lost Opportunity: Stolen Victories 2012

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Offers Unique Insights About the 2016 Presidential Election and 2012 Presidential Contest, Including the Threatened Romney PR-Bomb against Ron Paul's Campaign


"I'm looking forward to the new launch of my second edition, and am hoping that people will really analyze and consider what is being said so we can turn things around in our country through the election process."

The second edition of "America's Lost Opportunity: Stolen Victories 2012" has been released by author Deborah K. Smarth. This new edition provides many interesting vignettes and facts which emerged after the publication of the first edition concerning the 2012 presidential campaign. The manuscript also delves into the early stage developments of the 2016 presidential election. The narrative on both the 2012 and 2016 presidential election contains facts and occurrences that will make you double down! It begs the reader to ask the question, "Will this upcoming presidential election prove to be more of the same?"

The book presents a very substantive overview of the 2012 presidential GOP nomination process. The book discusses alleged fraud in certain early primary/caucus contests and deceptive and unfair practices at state GOP conventions. Then, the party structure precipitously changed the rules in play at the national convention in Tampa - - to the extent of de-credentialing delegates won by Paul in certain states, trying to reduce the plurality of delegates his campaign had fairly won at various state caucuses and conventions. Yet, Paul brought an army of delegates to the 2012 national GOP convention, notwithstanding the RNC Rules Committee amending the rules prior to the actual start of the national convention. The rule changes increased the threshold level in the number of states with a plurality of delegates that a presidential candidate needed in order for a candidate's name to be placed in nomination and aimed at quashing the Paul campaign's swelling delegate numbers.

The second edition indicates that immediately following the national convention nomination in Tampa, a key advisor of the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign, reveals that the Romney campaign threatened to unleash a PR-bomb going into Michigan to eviscerate and destroy Ron Paul's reputation if the Paul campaign became too aggressive in ads against Romney. The book references the Paul campaign's response with regard to going up against the Romney campaign's unlimited financial resources.

Despite the party structure shenanigans, Paul was the last standing man to Romney at the 2012 national GOP convention in Tampa, Florida bringing a large contingency of delegates to the Republican National Convention and having delegate votes cited from the floor of the convention in more than 25 states. But, the Romney “coronation” ensued. In fact, the national corporate media didn't even expose all of these occurrences of rule changes and the de-credentialing of Paul delegates to the level it should have been covered nationally. There was a media blackout!

This second edition supplements the initial August 2013 publication with an additional chapter offering unique insights and facts about the unfolding developments of the 2016 presidential campaign, including the bolstering of "establishment" candidates of both parties like family dynasty contenders Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. The chapter underscores the mainstream media’s non-coverage of candidates who are less establishment-oriented and more independent of their typical party structure's positions like U.S. Senator Rand Paul -- among the large field of GOP presidential contenders -- and former U.S. senator Jim Webb, Ronald Reagan’s U.S. Secretary of the Navy, who announced he would seek the Democratic nomination, only to withdraw (subsequent to this edition's writing) and possibly consider an "Independent" run for the White House. The book provides commentary that both Paul and Webb are not war hawk neoconservatives and have a non-interventionist approach in military and foreign policy engagements. Neither is preferred by the Wall Street gang, as Rand Paul is key sponsor of “Audit the Fed” legislation, and Jim Webb has made economic inequality a key issue, favoring to raise campaign funding from other sources than the financial sector, so as not to sacrifice his positions or beliefs.

This edition’s last chapter talks about the trend of America towards an "oligarchy" and the unbridled influence of big donors and bundlers at the expense of the electorate's ability to control election outcomes. The book emphasizes that both parties' 2016 presidential candidates and elected officials to Congress have been influenced by neoconservative forces and the addiction to more war and foreign policy entanglements with few exceptions. The book questions whether the upcoming presidential election will be yet another election play; recognizing that the only way a new opportunity for needed policy changes to be implemented can occur is if the American people are vigilant in their own research and fact finding concerning the positions of the candidates running for the presidency. If not, voters will continue to fall prey to the mainstream media and political establishment's messaging that is many times far from the truth.

"I have received very positive responses and testimonials concerning my first edition of this book and am hoping that people who read my second edition find new parcels of information that are very informative, thought provoking, and awakening. Hopefully, it will impart a sense of action to ensure that the electorate becomes more influential in its control of election outcomes," said Smarth. "The electorate can be forceful if they seek out the truth and are not victims of false messaging. Power is in numbers if the electorate does not allow itself to be divided."

"I'm looking forward to the new launch of my second edition, and am hoping that people will really analyze and consider what is being said so we can turn things around in our country through the election process," she added. "It's not too late if we move in the right direction and recognize the maladies in our current political culture and system and focus on changing them."

The author, who holds a master's degree in national politics and policy from Columbia University in the City of New York, has pursued an accomplished career in public affairs. She has held positions in the private and public sectors including teaching at the university level. She considers this book to be a "citizens account," raising serious questions about the election process and enhancing the people's understanding about behind-the-scene occurrences and facts relating to both the 2012 GOP presidential nomination and early developments in the 2016 presidential campaign.

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