Quintel Releases 10/12-Port Multiband Slimline Antenna

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Quintel’s new 10-Port Multiband Antenna follows the recent launch of the 12 port Mulitiband Antenna and allows operators to deploy five major frequency bands in North and South America on one Slimline antenna

Quintel®, a leading innovator of spectrum and space-efficient base station antennas for wireless networks, has announced the expansion of its industry-leading MultiServTM Slimline Antennas portfolio. In addition to the 12-Port Multiband Antenna released earlier this year, Quintel now has 10 Port antennas, both which come in 4, 6 and 8 foot lengths. This latest Slimline Antenna utilizes the same 12”/300mm wide form factor that all Quintel antennas use providing the industry’s only “One Size Fits All” portfolio of 6, 8, 10 and 12-Port antennas in the same single form factor. Even the mounting brackets are the same!

The Quintel MultiServ 10 and 12-Port Multiband Antennas with patented QTilt™ technology uniquely delivers 10 or 12 ports with the following advantages:

(i)    Up to 6 independent tilts providing maximum optimization flexibility per band and service
(ii)    Industry leading Low-Band patterns providing the highest Inter-Sector C/I Ratio and, therefore, highest data throughputs possible. These are easily measured and validated with pattern plots and field measurements.
(iii)    Lowest windloading with 30-50% less windload compared to any other multi-port antenna
(iv)    Industry leading reliability with lowest in class field failure rate
(v)    Leverages the latest high PIM performance 4.3.10 RF connectors
(vi)    100% internal RET, available with AISG over RF eliminating the AISG jumper from the Radio to the Antenna
This portfolio enables existing sites to be upgraded with LTE at 700MHz, 850MHz, PCS, AWS and WCS bands with the replacement of one like-for-like antenna with less wind-loading, instead of multiple antennas. This prepares sites for further advanced LTE services and bands such as 8T8R, 600MHz, AWS3, Public Safety and others yet to be identified. The Quintel MultiServ Multiband 10/12-Port Slimline Antennas can be deployed without compromise, allowing independent optimization for multiple services exactly the same as using multiple antennas. Technology agnostic, each band provides flexibility for optimizing existing and future technologies such as GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS/HSPA, CDMA/EVDO, and 4-Branch LTE/LTE-Advanced including MIMO implementations, via fully internal RET actuators compliant to AISG1.1, AISG2.0 and 3GPP protocols. Unlike other high port count antennas, the Quintel 10/12-Port Antennas do not use vertically stacked high-band arrays, thus allowing antennas to be either true 4’, 6’ or 8’ in length, while providing the standard RF characteristics of those lengths as demanded by Operators.

Another powerful characteristic of all Quintel Antennas is that their Azimuth patterns have been optimized with network design and deployment in mind. The 3dB Azimuth beamwidth is ~65o as with most Base Station Antennas, but Quintel optimizes how the pattern rolls-off and where the sidelobes emerge such that there is minimal Inter-Sector Interference when 3x sectors are deployed. This means in today’s interference limited networks, where LTE traffic is high, Quintel antennas have been shown to deliver 25%+ higher capacity.

Quintel’s industry leading -159dBc high-band inter-band Passive Intermodulation (PIM) specification also guarantees Operators can mix and match high-band services without concern for inter-band PIM generated by the antenna. To assist Operators with analyzing and engineering site designs for PIM, Quintel has developed for release to customers and partners an easy to use, complex analysis PIM Calculator and planner. This provides comprehensive simulation and analysis of potential PIM products caused by band combinations which considers not only whether a PIM product exists at a frequency, but more importantly its relative power and hence Margin to Specifications.

“Quintel has led the market with high capacity, antennas, highly optimized for LTE performance, in the slimmest form factors, and with the least amount of windloading, since it introduced its first generation of MultiServTM Multiport antennas in 2010. With the expansion of our 10 and 12-Port Multiband platform, operators can continue to enjoy the ability to deploy all their bands and technologies on fewer antennas, maximizing spectrum resources, without compromise of their coverage and capacity goals” said Joe Veni, Quintel’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development. “Operators can also extract the maximum capacity for minimum cost from their existing physical sites without incurring the cost of tower upgrades and redevelopment nor having to install costly, complex and inefficient combining schemes.”

About Quintel

Quintel is the leading innovator in the design, development, and delivery of network-efficient Multi-Port slim-line Cellular Base Station antennas. The company’s products allow wireless operators to gracefully and cost-effectively increase capacity, by supporting legacy, new and future air-interfaces with independent optimization and low interference RF patterns. Quintel antennas are designed to maximize benefits wireless operators can derive from advanced LTE deployments including Carrier Aggregation, VoLTE, Cloud-RAN and MIMO systems. Quintel is headquartered in Rochester, New York with additional offices throughout North America and Europe. More information about Quintel is available at http://www.quintelsolutions.com.

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“Quintel” and the Quintel logo are registered trademarks, and “QTilt”, “MultiServ” and “New Dimensions in Wireless” are trademarks, of Quintel Technology Limited. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

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