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Summary: The 2015 Leonid Meteor Shower peaks on Tuesday, November 17th. Join Slooh to watch the celestial fireworks LIVE.

Next Tuesday will see the peak of the famous Leonid meteor shower, a busy and reliable spectacle that delivers a small blizzard of celestial fireworks. Slooh will be bringing together feed partners from around the world to offer anyone, no matter their location or weather forecast, a show they won’t want to miss. You can go to to join and watch this broadcast live and gain access to Slooh's large archive of past shows.

On Tuesday, November 17th, at 5 PM PST/ 8 PM EST / 23:59UTC, Slooh will host a special broadcast featuring live views of Leonid meteors from five countries and four continents. These views will be accompanied by fascinating facts about the annual shower, a look into what causes these regular events, and a dive into the daring tale of the Greek hero Hercules and his battle with the Nemian Lion (the beast’s constellation acts as the point of origin for these meteors).

The Leonids have captivated humans for hundreds of years, becoming famous for remarkable outbursts in times past. The great Leonid meteor storm of 1833 was perhaps the most spectacular in recorded history. Visible from eastern North America, the storm produced as many as 200,000 meteors per hour, startling some 19th-century observers into near-catatonic terror. The storm lasted nearly four hours. According to astronomer Agnes Clerke, “the frequency of meteors was estimated to be about half that of flakes of snow in an average snowstorm”.

The meteors came so quickly during this 1833 storm, it was clear the radiant, or apparent source, of the meteors lay towards the Sickle of the constellation Leo. The radiant moved with the stars during the evening, which finally made it clear that meteors came from outside the Earthʼs atmosphere. Until then, some believed meteors were an atmospheric phenomenon, the belief of which lended the term “meteorology” to the study of the weather.

Viewers can use the hashtag #Slooh to ask questions during the show, interact with our host, and tell us all about the meteors they’ve seen in our broadcast and in their skies at home.

Leonids Broadcast:

Start time: Tuesday, November 17th, at 5 PM PST/ 8 PM EST / 23:59UTC

Where: Go to to join and watch this broadcast live and gain access to Slooh's large archive of past shows.

Linking: Please link to the url

Hashtag - #Slooh

Embed - Contact tricia(at)slooh(dot)com to get embed code to include the live show broadcast on your site.

Slooh Media Policy:
We own all copyright to the text, images, photographs, video, audio, graphics, user interface, and other content provided on Slooh live broadcasts. At times, we may include additional content from NASA or other official partners to help explain what’s happening in the live image feed. A Slooh watermark will be included on our live feed. Slooh may run a house ad prior, during, or after any broadcast to highlight the Slooh Community. You may embed our feeds into your coverage so long as “Courtesy of Slooh” is located next to the feed with a link back to You may not embed Slooh's coverage in web pages that include footage or links to other live coverage. You may not alter or modify our broadcast in any way, unless provided with written permission to do so.

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