Utinokati, Japanese Apartments and Homes Real Estate Website, Now Open

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Outi Lab (Tokyo, Japan) opened Utinokati (http://utinokati.com/en/) on November 4th. Utinokati is the largest Japanese real estate market value database that allows customers access to information on the market value of Japanese real estate, such as apartments, homes and lands from 12,000 areas and 2,000 train lines/stations.

Japanese real estate market value

Japanese real estate market value

With Utinokati, it is possible to easily look up the market value of Japanese apartments, homes, etc., from various areas in Japan based on their age and proximity to train stations.

The service also offers comprehensive reports on real estate trends near 500 of Japan's train lines based on quarterly data from the past 4 years. Thus, it is possible to get an understanding of of the real estate trends near various train lines during each time period.

Utinokati is the largest market value database of information on real estate market values of Japanese apartments, homes, and lands.

How to Use, for Those Looking to Purchase:

  • Search for real estate based on region and market value.
  • Those looking to purchase real estate can search for properties based on real estate market value in the region of interest.

How to Use, for Those Looking to Sell:

  • Understand the market value of real estate based on past data on over 2.1 million real estate in the area
  • Those looking to sell real estate can reference data on the past market value of other properties in the area.

Understand the Depreciation Rates of Real Estate Based on Age Since Construction:

Now, it is possible to easily determine the depreciation rates of real estate based on the age since construction. This was formerly very difficult information to ascertain. Now, those looking to invest in real estate can search with potential rent income and resale value in mind.

Try this service for yourself at the following URL:

  • Market Value | Line or Station:

-- Tokyo JR Yamanote Line Shibuya station apartments market value :http://utinokati.com/en/details/apartment/stations/Tokyo-JR-JRYamanoteLine-Shibuya/
-- Tokyo Toyoko line Daikannyama station homes market value: http://utinokati.com/en/details/home/stations/Tokyo-Tokyu-ToyokoLine-Daikannyama/

  • Market Value | Area:

-- Tokyo Setagaya-ku apartments market value: http://utinokati.com/en/details/apartment/area/Tokyo-SetagayaKu/
-- Kanagawa Yokohama city homes market value: http://utinokati.com/en/details/home/area/Kanagawa-YokohamaShi/

  • Railway Report:

-- Tokyo JR Yamanote line apartments market value report in 2014 full-year: http://utinokati.com/en/report/apartment/stations/Tokyo-JR-JRYamanoteLine/2014/FY/

All real estate data is based on the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan's past records on over 2.1 million apartments and homes.

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