Carpet Cleaning Pros Share Cleaning Secrets Used To Remove Toughest Stains (Without Harsh Chemicals)

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A+ Carpet Cleaning of Sunnyvale, a local carpet & upholstery cleaning company, shares the secret methods that they use to remove tough stains without using harsh chemicals in a new tip sheet.

It’s important to blot rather than rub, because the latter can actually push the stain deeper into the carpet & increase absorption in the fibers.

In an effort to better educate the consumer and reduce the use of toxic cleaning solutions, a local Sunnyvale company is unveiling the secret methods that they use to remove tough carpet & upholstery stains in an environmentally responsible way. Although some stains call for a professional’s touch, many household carpet stains can be removed with “do it yourself” cleaning tips at a fraction of the cost.

Some of the toughest carpet stains can be removed with few professional house cleaning tips that won’t break the bank:

Red Wine
Red wine is among the most dreaded carpet stains because it sinks in immediately, and can leave an unsightly mark on carpets & rugs for years. For that reason, it’s important to work as quickly as possible! First of all, remove excess wine from the spill with a clean paper towel or household rag. It’s important to blot rather than rub, because the latter can actually push the stain deeper into the carpet & increase absorption in the fibers. Once the excess wine has been removed, pour either club soda or water on the affected area to dilute it, then add a thick layer of salt. After an hour or so, remove the salt. Voila!

Similarly to the red wine stain, it’s important to act fast & remove excess coffee from the spill first. Then, add cold water to the area to dilute the stain and decrease temperature (elevated temperature can increase absorption into carpet or upholstery fibers). After the stain has been diluted, add liquid laundry detergent and gently rub the solution deep into the carpet, upholstery, or oriental rug. It’s important to cover as much surface area as possible with the detergent, so make sure to cover as much as you can. Let it sit for a few minutes, then return & continue rubbing to loosen the stain. Finally, rinse the detergent away with cold water & let it dry.

Tomato Sauce
Did pasta night turn ugly? Mix 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide with 3 tablespoons of cold water to create a natural cleaning solution, and pour on the stain area. Then cover the stain with a clean household rag or cloth to block out light. Check on the stain 10 minutes later. Since tomato sauce is particularly difficult to remove, if you’re unable to remove the stain completely, you should call your local carpet cleaning professional.

Pet Stains
A natural & effective way to remove pet stains from carpets, rugs, & upholstery is simple: white vinegar & baking soda. Mix 2 cups of white distilled vinegar with 2 cups of lukewarm water, adding 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Just like the volcano you made in your elementary school days, this mixture will bubble & build up, so don’t add all the baking soda at once. Let the solution sit for a few minutes, then either pour directly on the stain or add it to a spray bottle. Blot with a household rag or paper towel until the stain is covered, then let it sit until dry. You can pour additional baking soda & white distilled vinegar on the stain afterwards if it’s not completely gone.

Chewing Gum
Chewing gum in a carpet can be an absolute nightmare, and can linger for months afterwards unless removed immediately. An effective way to remove gum all at once is to freeze it with ice cubes. Grab a few from your freezer and hold them with a household cloth or paper towel, and apply to the stain area for at least 30 seconds. Once the gum has hardened, use a fork to lift it out of the carpet, then use household scissors to cut it out. Try to avoid cutting the carpet fibers as much as possible, because this can leave an unsightly indent in your carpet.

If you have a stain that can’t be removed with the above methods, you should look for professional carpet cleaning services ( ) in your area. If you’re in the Bay Area of California, call 408-707-3205 or visit their website ( ) to be connected to the best carpet cleaning companies and for a complete carpet cleaning price list.

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