Ryft Support for ODBC Reveals Big Data Insights Missed by Today’s Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Tools

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The New Ryft Connector for ODBC provides a direct link from the Ryft ONE data analytics platform to business intelligence (BI) and visualization tools, allowing users to get deeper insights 100X faster from up to 48TB of data at the edge or in the data center

Real-time Intelligence with Ryft

Ryft: Actionable Intelligence from Complex Data

The Ryft ONE, coupled with the Ryft Connector for ODBC, uncovers insights that current tools miss due to lengthy data transport and preparation bottlenecks, and drastically speeds analytics and decision-making.

Ryft, the performance leader in big data search and analysis, announced today that organizations now have the ability to see and act on previously unknown big data insights 100X faster and directly from their business intelligence and data visualization tools with the new Ryft Connector for ODBC. The Ryft Connector for ODBC seamlessly connects the high-performance Ryft ONE to the front-end visualization and analytics tools used by most businesses — including Microsoft Excel and Tableau. This gives organizations the ability to instantly analyze, understand and communicate insights that ensure business growth and success.

Organizations today cannot get real-time insights from the torrent of data coming from Internet of Things, social and other streaming data because of the bottleneck in getting usable data into BI and data visualization tools. This delay compromises data-driven decision-making, but Ryft now accelerates in near real time the pace of the analysis and visualization of the relevant business insights needed from all an organization’s data.

The Ryft ONE, coupled with the Ryft Connector for ODBC, uncovers insights that current tools miss due to lengthy data transport and preparation bottlenecks, and drastically speeds analytics and decision-making by:

  • Streamlining the entire process of data transformation and analysis by eliminating time-consuming extract, transform, load and indexing processes.
  • Providing users direct and fast access to all their data via their BI and data visualization tools without having to reimport data.
  • Reducing further an organization’s mean time to decision by accelerating the analysis of all an organization’s raw data.
  • Enabling decision-makers to understand and act on valuable insights from their data more rapidly.

“Business and mission success often boils down to decisions made in seconds. While BI tools do a great job of speeding decision-making through at-a-glance graphics, the technology needed to feed these tools meaningful information hasn’t kept pace. Without direct and timely access to relevant data sources, BI tools will ultimately fail to provide the guidance business needs to survive,” said Bill Dentinger, vice president of products at Ryft. “Ryft provides the fastest and most efficient data search and analysis engine in use today. Now, with our new connector for ODBC, this lightning-fast engine seamlessly feeds all your data to visualization and BI tools to speed data-driven decisions from weeks to just a fraction of a second at any place it’s needed.”

The 1U Ryft ONE server streamlines and accelerates analysis of up to 48 TB of batch and streaming data at 100X the speed of current high-performance servers. The Ryft Connector for ODBC extends this performance by natively integrating with front-end analytics tools in addition to:

  • Supporting the SQL-92 standard, which is supported by most major database vendors.
  • Supporting extensions to enable fuzzy search data analysis.
  • Mapping SQL functionality to the Ryft ONE’s complex analytics primitive’s library.
  • Enabling key features for analysis including:
  • Database tables
  • Database views
  • Column metadata
  • SQL commands
  • Auto-discovery of tables, views and metadata
  • Running natively on Windows- and Linux-based infrastructures.

The Ryft ODBC connector was built with the SimbaEngine SDK from Simba Technologies. This option offers the necessary flexibility, convenience and connectivity to multiple BI tools, comprehensive support and excellent SQL-query coverage.

About Ryft Systems Inc.
Ryft unlocks actionable intelligence from big data with the world’s fastest and most efficient Linux server for data analytics—the Ryft ONE. The super-fast, simple and scalable Ryft ONE is the only product purpose-built to analyze any type of data—structured and un-structured, text or images—together at speeds that are 100X faster with 70% lower operational costs than any other platform. This makes it the ideal solution for delivering real-time insights into streaming and historical at the edge or in the data center. For more than a decade, Ryft has delivered small, high efficiency real-time data analysis products that instantly process massive amounts of complex data. Based in the Washington, D.C. area, Ryft innovations have enabled the world’s largest and most sophisticated users of big data to unlock actionable intelligence with unprecedented speed, simplicity, scalability and security.


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