ePubco.com's New Hand-Coded E-book Conversions Are the Best Way for Authors to Go

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E-book publisher, ePubCo.com, believes that auto-conversion programs are not as good as their hand-coded conversions for creating e-books across different devices and platforms.

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With more “cheap” self publishing outlets popping up on the internet, and the cheaper costs associated with auto-conversion programs for converting text files into e-books, many companies are turning to the auto-conversion programs for their e-book conversions to save money. ePubco.com, an e-book publisher with thousands of titles in multiple formats and a large global-distribution network, believes that auto-conversion programs are not as good as hand-coded conversions for creating e-books across different devices and platforms.

ePubco.com is committed to high quality conversions to the different e-formats, and their General Manager Roger Hayes says, “We don’t use the auto-conversion programs to build the e-files, like many other companies do. Instead, our techs hand code each page to look and work the best possible way on the many different e-reading devices. We find that the auto-conversion programs just don’t work as well across the different e-platforms and with the complex layouts of many of today’s e-books. It’s a little more expensive, but it is worth every penny to have a better product.”

He continues, “It is difficult to get an auto-conversion program to be able to look at every possible layout situation and then make it look and work well on all the different devices, which use different parameters for displaying e-books. The following are examples of common problems that can occur:

"Example 1 to the right shows how images mess up text on small screens. The top image shows a bad auto conversion, with a good hand-coded conversion displayed at the bottom.

"Example 2 shows extra indented text misplaced on smaller screens. Again, the top image shows a bad auto conversion and the bottom shows a good hand-coded conversion.

Since some companies that use an auto-conversion program don’t have techs to check the conversions on different devices, many e-books have similar or other issues on some devices when they are purchased. So, while avoiding every conceivable issue of converting an e-book for every type of device may not be possible, a hand-converted e-book with technicians checking them on different devices is well worth the extra expense. What author would be happy to see such bad layout issues in their newly published e-book? Why would they want to even take that chance with an auto-conversion?”

ePubco.com is a full-service e-book publisher and offers a wide variety of e-publishing services like:

Text Formatting
Cover Design
Proof Reading
Extended Global Distribution
Children’s Apps

Get more details about http://www.ePubco.com. The company does offer free quotes for e-book publishing.

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