Cause of Mental Disorders Is Infant/Childhood Separation From Mother, Says Expert in New Web Portal, Alternative American Psychiatric Association (

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The original cause of schizophrenia and other mental disorders is unsuspected infant/early childhood separation trauma. That according to Dr. Clancy McKenzie, M.D., in his new web portal, The Alternative American Psychiatric Association (

The cause of schizophrenia and other mental disorders is unsuspected infant/early childhood separation trauma. That according to Dr. Clancy McKenzie, M.D., in his new web portal, Alternative American Psychiatric Association ( “This is the original trauma which sets the stage for the later onset of schizophrenia and other serious mental/emotional illnesses,” says McKenzie. “These disorders are not biologic in origin but go back to the precise age when the infant or young child experiences the terror of separation from mother.”

Dr. McKenzie, one of the world’s foremost experts on schizophrenia and mental health, asserts that biological psychiatry is a myth disproven. “We have proven that while biological change is present, it is the result and not the cause of the disease process,” said McKenzie.

“Usually the early trauma is not even recognized,” he says. “Often it is the birth of a sibling, or travel to another country, or the working mother and daycare; it can be almost anything. The baby is very sensitive to what it experiences as a threat of separation.”

According to Dr. McKenzie, “More overwhelming than war trauma to a soldier is separation from mother to a baby, because, for as long as mammals populated the earth, separation from mother has meant death! Then instead of a loud noise precipitating the flashback, it is separation from some other ‘most important person’ (husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or group) which precipitates the initial step back in time, and instead of combat reality and behavior, it is infant reality and behavior that we see. This represents a partial return to the entire earlier gestalt, not just the infant’s reality, thoughts, feelings and behavior. It also is a partial shift of brain activity to regions of brain that were active and developing during the moments of terror as an infant – which were recorded in the infant’s developmental brain.

Dr. McKenzie is the author of two noted books in this area: “BABIES NEED MOTHERS: How Mothers Can Prevent Mental Illness in Their Children” and “Delayed Posttraumatic Stress Disorders from Infancy: The Two Trauma Mechanism” (with Lance S. Wright, M.D.).

Clancy McKenzie is a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School and trained at the Menninger School of Psychiatry, the Philadelphia Psychiatric Center, and the Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Institute. In 2001, he was awarded Temple University’s Nelsen and Winnie Mandela’s Humanitarian Award for his outstanding devotion to patients suffering from the effects of schizophrenia.

He states that while it is easy to identify biological change, there have been no attempts to determine whether that change is the cause or the result of the disease process. “This is an egregious scientific error,” he said. “No scientist would presume that correlation means causation! Yet all biological psychiatry is predicated upon making that mistake!”

McKenzie’s findings correlating schizophrenia with infant separation trauma are confirmed on the 6,000 in the Finnish database by Mednick and the 2,700 in the Danish cohort by Mortensen.

Dr. McKenzie is opposed to neuroleptic (anti-psychotic) medications, which he says shorten the life span by 25 years on average, and instead of 5% developing Alzheimer’s it‘s 50%. He also is opposed to SSRI anti-depressants, which he contends markedly increase the chance for violence and suicide and may largely be responsible for the tragic episodes of mass rampage shooters committing violence. All these disorders may be better understood – and treated – through an understanding of the early childhood causes of illnesses, from schizophrenia through depression.

Dr. McKenzie asserts that pharmacological treatments of mental disorders that have been biologically inferred have been a disaster. “Neuroleptic (anti-psychotic) medications shorten the life span by 25 years on average, and instead of 5% developing Alzheimer’s, it’s tragically 50 to 85%, and with SSRI antidepressants, there are 3 to 4 times as many committing suicide,” he said.

“Our cumulative findings gathered over 45 years have shown us that schizophrenia has its origins in the first 18 months of life. Schizoaffective disorder has its origin between 19-21 months, bipolar disorder peaks at 22 months, and other depressions with psychotic features extend up to 24 months. Non-psychotic depression has an age range-of-origin from 24 through 34 months.”

Treatment may include temporary separation,” said Dr. McKenzie. “The problem is that after a shift to infant mind/brain reality, any interaction with original, nuclear family is in a parent-to-infant relationship and keeps the person locked into the infant mind. But with total separation – for a period of time – the whole process can simply disappear!”

Dr. McKenzie’s Findings Have Received Acknowledgements from World-Class Experts including Paul D. MacLean, M.D., Chief, Brain Evolution and Behavior, NIMH, - Bruno Bettelheim - Anna Freud - Raymond Moody, M.D., PsyD, PhD (author Life After Life) - Nobel Laureate John F. Nash, Jr. – First Lady Betty Ford – Harold Stern, PhD, Psychoanalyst - Dr. Stephen Levine, Scientist, Author - Wilfried VerEecke, Adjunct Professor in Psychology, Georgetown University – Sarnoff Mednick, Social Science Research Institute – O. Spurgeon English, Dept. Chair, Psychiatry Temple University

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