Small Screen Squinting Syndrome Can Cause Facial Wrinkles

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Now, MIMIKO, INC., Launches an Exciting New Facial Wrinkle Flattening Patch System To Prevent and Reverse Effects of Squinting.

Small Screen Squinting Can Cause Facial Wrinkles

MIMIKO, INC. - Can long-term use of concentrating and squinting at small electronic screens be a cause of facial wrinkles? Ms. Mimiko, a trained skin care products professional, not only believes this is true, but has developed an anti-wrinkle defense system to help prevent and reverse the effects of this harmful trend.

With the widespread use of small-screen electronic devices over the past decade, many women and men, beginning in their teenage years, have spent countless hours intensely concentrating on their very small displays. Laptops, tablets and, certainly, smart phones attract many hours of use. The concentration required to focus on these small screens places tremendous strain on the underlying facial muscles; the areas between the eyebrows and the corners or the eyes are forced into positions that contribute to the formation of facial wrinkles long before they would naturally be a concern. An article by Jan Allon on ALTERNET confirms this is happening Your Smartphone is Aging Your Face

toute nuit Patches
Imagine, a wrinkle defense system of adhesive patches that can be applied to the face to smooth out wrinkle lines. Simple and natural, this system was developed during a 30-year program of study and development by Ms. Mimiko, a make-up artist and skin care professional from Tokyo, Japan. The system has been specifically designed to address the consequences of modern life - Small Screen Squinting Syndrome - to provide a natural, comfortable, non-invasive, affordable wrinkle defense system that can be used at night and even during work.

Four Unique Shapes
Designed to provide relief from the consequences of squinting, toute nuit patches are shaped to relax and reset underlying facial muscles that fit targeted wrinkle zones. Ms. Mimiko has designed four unique patch shapes fit into the natural curves of the face, to work with the movement of the underlying facial muscles:

.    curve
.    y-shape
.    triangle
.    jet

Each patch shape individually and/or working in combination with each other provides a wrinkle defense strategy.

Easy to Use
The 3-Step Daily Routine instructions, included with every package, provide a simple system for their most effective use. Called toute nuit (French for "all night"), the ideal time to apply them is before retiring for the evening. Comfortable to wear, toute nuit's anti-aging skincare products are odorless and do not fall off while sleeping.

The nearly invisible patches can also be used to great effect during the day. Wear them while working and even while using the very electronic devices that Ms. Mimiko has identified as a growing cause of wrinkle formation.

It is recommended that toute nuit patches be used with a favorite moisturizer, to maximize their hydrating properties. toute nuit's anti-aging skin care products also extends the effectiveness of Botox® treatments.

For Men, Too
When the toute nuit patches were first introduced in Japan in 2014, Ms. Mimiko was surprised that she started to receive orders from men. It soon became evident that men are concerned about wrinkles, too, especially in their forehead areas. In consultation with her male customers, she developed a new patch - dubbed the jet patch - that would help men address their specific needs.

About Ms. Mimiko
A professional make-up artist, Ms. Mimiko trained in Los Angeles. At the age of 30, she returned to Tokyo to become a freelance make-up artist for advertising production and the cosmetics industry. Her experience with the challenges of wrinkle formation - particularly the expanding use of small-screen electronic devices - led her to experiment with a series of anti-wrinkle patches for herself, her family and friends. After years of work, she developed a skin care product system of wrinkle patches to help women and men retain a more youthful appearance in a natural, safe, non-invasive, affordable way working in combination with the customers preferred skin cleaning and moisturizer products.

Ms. Mimiko is now proud to introduce the toute nuit system to the United States, launching a new company and brand at age 65 with the ambition to inspire women - and men - everywhere. Looking at photos of Ms. Mimiko you can see the results of using her own wrinkle patches and following the same recommended 3-Step Daily Routine for over 30-years. She does not do anything else!

About MIMIKO, Inc. and toute nuit
toute nuit is manufactured in the USA and distributed by MIMIKO, Inc., based in West Brookfield, Massachusetts. Manufactured from skin-safe, hypoallergenic, odorless medical-grade plastic tape, toute nuit does not contain irritating ingredients or additives. They have micro perforations for some air porosity. Nearly invisible, they are comfortable to wear day or night and do not fall off while sleeping. Each patch can be worn 2 to 3 times.

Each package includes a 6-page tri-fold instruction booklet, plus a blue storage sheet. All are priced at $20 and under and immediately available for purchase via or AMAZON (type “toute nuit wrinkle patches” in the search box).

Additional information, including 5 videos featuring Ms. Mimiko’s life story, demonstrations on how to use the patch system and detailed information on the 4 unique toute nuit patch shapes and the 5 SKU packages can be found at

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