Arkham Enterprises Announces First Ever Service to Validate and Geo-Locate Users Based on Email Address

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Arkham Enterprises announces the launch of Verifigator, a Software as a Service that is able to validate email addresses, geo-locate users, detect what languages users speak and also detect the user’s gender based on the email address information alone, without contacting the users in any ways.

Arkham Enterprises is launching Verifigator, a Software as a Service to validate and segment email addresses which will allow users to utilize Verifigator to differentiate fake and invalid email addresses from real email addresses.

Verifigator’s unique segmentation features can geo-locate users, guestimate what languages a user speaks and detect the user’s gender. All of these features work based on the user’s email address information alone and do not involve contacting the user through any methods.

“Verifigator is a unique service that can guesstimate information about a user based on the user’s email address alone which is a service product that no one else in the world has offered,” said Jouni Flemming, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Arkham Enterprises. “Geo-locating based on an IP address is old technology and often wrong. Verifigator can geo-locate people with just the email address which allows users to learn more about how to better serve their customers. Verifigator allows people to step up their marketing game with this technology which benefits businesses and organizations globally.”

Verifigator is targeted for use to all individuals and organizations who maintain email databases or send out newsletters. Verifigator prevents the sending out of emails to dead inboxes, spam traps or other types of low-quality email addresses. Additionally, with the use of Verifigator, anyone using pay per email newsletter mailing services can expect see a decrease in the amount of money spent on sending emails as well as a larger return on investment.

“Verifigator was created to make impossible tasks possible!”, Flemming said. “For years, I needed a tool like this but it simply didn’t exist. Seeing the need, I decided to compile a team and after over two years of development, we are finally ready to show what Verifigator this never-seen-before tool can do.”

Verifigator is currently available for testing as a prelaunch stage service allowing users to try out the technology with a live demo feature. During the prelaunch period, users can visit the website to test out how the software works and how it can pinpoint where a user is from based on the email address alone or if an email address is valid or fake.

“Verifigator is currently in prelaunch stage which means we are finally able to tell you about our technology and offer you a preview of what it can do. Verifigator is not ready for production use just yet." said Mihai Barbulescu, Chief Out Of The Box Thinker and Co-Founder of Arkham Enterprises.

There are several incentives, including free product prizes, available for those users who try out the service and share it with their friends during the prelaunch stage. Upon signup on the prelaunch website, users will also receive live updates about the service.

"Starting with a prelaunch allows us to collect user feedback to further improve and fine-tune our technology. Verifigator is the Pareto 80-20 email marketing lens that every business needs.”, Barbulescu added.

Arkham Enterprises is an online marketing and software development company based in Hong Kong. Arkham Enterprises also focuses on offering products and services online. It is the parent company of Macecraft Software, publisher of jv16 PowerTools software solution.

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