Millennials Rush to a Better Way to #ReThinkYourInk with PicoWay

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Syneron Candela Partners With RealSelf to Reveal Trailblazing Tattoo Removal Technology

It’s official: Tattoo taboo is a thing of the past. One in five American adults has a tattoo — a number even greater among Millennials (a whopping one in three aged 18 to 25 is inked). As tattoos transition to mainstream America, there are more and more people who are dissatisfied with their ink. In fact, RealSelf, the world’s largest community for learning and sharing information about elective cosmetic procedures, reveals that interest in tattoo removal has risen 30 percent in the past six months alone.

Syneron Candela, a leader in the medical aesthetic device marketplace and creator of the game-changing PicoWay picosecond laser, has partnered with RealSelf to dispel preconceptions about the notoriously painful and lengthy process. The mission is to give consumers who have unwanted ink accurate information and newfound hope for removal.

What are the top reasons to #RETHINKYOURINK? A recent Syneron Candela survey revealed:
-Related to an ex-partner (64 percent)
-Done as a joke or when drunk (50 percent)
-Faded or blurred appearance (29 percent)
-Badly done (27 percent)
-Don’t like it anymore (27 percent)

Thanks to PicoWay, consumers don’t have to be saddled with unwanted ink. Unlike traditional nanosecond (one billionth of a second) lasers, picosecond (one trillionth of a second) technology harnesses different wavelengths. The dualwave laser delivers ultra-short pulses of energy to create a photo-mechanical impact, which breaks the ink or pigmentation into tinier, more easily eliminated particles.

“For decades there were only two ways to get ride of tattoos: cut it out or laser it off in a process than generally took around two years,” states Chad M. Hivnor, MD, of Dermatology Associates of San Antonio. “Picosecond technology is changing the way we remove unwanted ink, making it more accessible and more effective for patients of all skin tones.”

“Picosecond lasers like PicoWay use an ultra-short blast of energy that’s more powerful than traditional nanosecond lasers,” Dr. Hivnor explains. “Faster pulses break ink into smaller participles for better and more complete resolution. It also cuts treatment times in half.”
Unlike previous lasers, PicoWay delivers results in three or four treatments, far faster than the typical 12 sessions with other lasers. The pulses are 40 percent shorter than average, limiting the healthy tissue's exposure to thermal build-up for a safe, fast, and effective treatment. PicoWay also works on all skin tones and targets a wide range of stubborn, hard-to-clear ink colors.

Dr. Hivnor shares more on the PicoWay difference here.

After experiencing tattoo removal firsthand, 89 percent of people say it’s worth it, that getting rid of their bad ink changed their lives for the better.

For real patients’ removal stories check out RealSelf’s Disappearing Ink documentary.

Ready To Rethink Your Ink?
People change. Tastes change. Goals change. Relationships change. Tattoos don’t have to last forever. PicoWay makes the process less permanent.

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About Syneron Candela
Syneron Candela is a leading global aesthetic device company with a comprehensive product portfolio and a global distribution footprint. The Company's technology enables physicians to provide advanced solutions for a broad range of medical-aesthetic applications including body contouring, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, tattoo removal, improving the skin's appearance through the treatment of superficial benign vascular and pigmented lesions, and the treatment of acne, leg veins and cellulite. The Company sells its products under three distinct brands, Syneron, Candela and CoolTouch, and has a wide portfolio of trusted, leading products including UltraShape, VelaShape, GentleLase, VBeam Perfecta, PicoWay, Profound and elōs Plus.

Founded in 2000, the corporate, R&D, and manufacturing headquarters for Syneron Candela are located in Israel. Syneron Candela also has R&D and manufacturing operations in the U.S. The company markets, services and supports its products in 86 countries. It has offices in North America, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK, Australia, China, Japan, and Hong Kong and distributors worldwide.

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