Swig Media Forges Strategic Partnership with Remote Entertainment to Dramatically Expand Swig’s International Presence and Content Selections.

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Swig Media, the Los Angeles based, end-to-end, direct-to-consumer, streaming media provider, dramatically expands its’ international presence and entertainment content selection by forming a strategic partnership with Netherlands based Remote-Entertainment.

Swig Media announced the creation of a strategic partnership with Remote Entertainment; a Netherlands based emerging content aggregation and distribution powerhouse. This partnership, which includes cross-distribution of films and channels between the Companies, will expose films on SwigFlix, and Channels on Swig Global Entertainment Network to over 135 million household in Europe and elsewhere, through Remote Entertainments’ established distribution outlets, including content on Smart TVs manufactured by; LG, Philips, Sony, Samsung, and Medion, and sold around the globe.

Ivan Gulas, CEO of SWIG MEDIA, noted that content from Remote Entertainments’ ever expanding library of over 4000 films, of all genres, including films and shows in UHD and 4K, in English and several other languages, will greatly expand selections on all Swig destinations on all platforms, which include, the Swig4K OTT Media Stick, Swig4K TV Apps, and Swig.tv online. Furthermore, added Gulas, the benefit of reaching an additional 135 million households for content partners and providers on Swig Global Entertainment, cannot be overstated.

“We are particularly excited to be increasing our UHD and 4K selections,” added Dr. Gunter Schubert, CTO of Swig Media, “as the combination of our SwigStreaming and Swig4K OTT Media Stick is the first to market, globally networked, OTT media streaming solution, that can stream UHD /4K content, at bandwidth requirements up to 50% less than any competitor. “Our unique ability to stream in 4K quality at a bandwidth below that of the average US household” continued Gulas” enables our viewers to enjoy OTT delivered 4K content in spectacular visual quality on their 4k televisions sets, while many, and perhaps most 4K TV owners, may still not have sufficient bandwidth to support 4K content streaming from Netflix, Amazon or other leading media destinations.”

Hemal Patel, COO at Swig Media, stated that cross-distribution of Remote Entertainment content will start coming live on Swig’s distribution platforms over the next few weeks. Given the fact that Remote Entertainment’s extensive library also includes Adult Entertainment films, many in 4K, Patel added that Swig Media has implemented a stringent age verification and adult pin-code solution to access Adult Entertainment on Swig4K OTT Media Stick, Swig APPs and Swig.tv online, which restricts access even to viewing even the titles of adult content. Furthermore, all Adult Entertainment PPV and Premium Channel transactions, on Swig destinations will remain directly with Remote Entertainment, and not Swig Media, noted Patel.

We are particularly enthusiastic about this partnership, added Gulas, as Soerinder Dataram, CEO of Remote Entertainment shares our commitment to providing the highest possible visual quality end user-experience possible. Beyond investing in their own internal R&D efforts, Remote Entertainment understands and embraces ‘state-of-the-arts’ technologies, solution and products, and values collaboration with leading edge, and ‘game changing’ technologies. ‘We have already defined some exciting new products which the combined resources and proprietary technologies could make possible’ noted Dr. Schubert.

Gulas emphasized that having Remote Entertainment spearheading Sales and Marketing of Swig4K TV OTT Media Stick in Europe is an important milestone for Swig Media, as the Company has had an international agenda from the onset. Dataram noted that his Company, and its' affiliates, having tested the product, envision a significant market potential for it Europe. Dataram described Swig4K OTT TV Media Stick as the ‘Ferrari of media streaming devices", which boasts of features that include 4K streaming at 60 frames/second, Swig’s peerlessly secure DVR solution, and massive 16GB internal storage capacity to enable theatrical quality playback experience even without internet connection. He added, however, that the Companies already identified joint ventures on other media streaming products, which will target more specific market segments internationally.

Swig Media is well positioned to become a market leader in ‘media without borders’. However, product developed by Swig took into account the economic realities of media production, including the important role territorial pre-sales plays in film funding. Consequently, Swig’s distribution products and solutions offers distributors unprecedented access to place and/ or to modify territorial access limitations, country by country, and title by title, all in real-time though the life of the product online. Furthermore, when a traveler with Swig4K Media Stick goes from country to country, the film selection guide automatically and dynamically displays only the titles that are available in that territory. As an added territorial rights protection measure, Swig’s dynamic content section solution, does not get ‘fooled’ by proxy-servers, to insure territorial rights, but relies on a complex triangulation solution to identify the location of the Swig4K Media Sticks.

“Having, the ability to modify, in real-time, territorial access conditions or, to change PPV prices, or offer ‘special promotions’, all essentially on the fly, and in real-time, certainly offers Swig and now Remote Entertainment content partners a significant competitive advantages in the international film and television marketplace” stated CEO Soerinder Dataram. “The partnership between our companies will benefit content providers to both Companies, and our combined viewership, with greater selection option, delivered globally in peerless quality and end user-experience”, concluded Dataram.

About Remote Entertainment:

Remote Entertainment is a young, innovative, and ambitious global content aggregation and distribution company, committed to high quality entertainment, and leading-edge distribution and support services. Based in Eindhoven, the Internet Technology hub in the Netherlands, Remote Entertainment's International library already exceeds 4000 titles, and growing daily, and reaches over 135 million households in Europe across the full spectrum of content delivery platforms and online media providers.

Remote Entertainment strives relentlessly to offer the very best distribution services possible, and it does so by embracing innovations, and by allocating resources needed to remain on the leading edge of technological advances in distribution. Simultaneously, we look to innovations to improve the entertainment experience at home for our viewers.

Our mission does not ignore the economic realities of electronic distribution. We are proud to offer the best possible distribution solutions, and content quality for the lowest possible price anywhere in the world, and to all devices. Our content selection showcases a wide range of premium programs, including adult entertainment in HD, 3D, UHD and 4k. Remote Entertainment is your source of entertainment, from sports around the Globe, concert and the world's best DJ, to new and classic Hollywood and Bollywood movies. (http://www.remote-entertainment.com)

About Swig Media

SWIG MEDIA is disruptive entertainment distribution Company, which creates and markets direct to consumer media delivery products and next-generation comprehensive direct to consumer distribution solutions to every platform, on both Company branded and white label products.

SWIG MEDIA's distribution eliminates for distributors the most time consuming and costly tasks that have been fundamental to digital distribution. SWIG MEDIA offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ distribution solution that seamlessly merges the actual digital distribution solution, and the business operations of distribution, into a single, user-friendly service. Every task essential for digital distribution, from content ingestion, publishing, syndication, rights management, promotion, marketing, monetization, interaction with end-user, to analytics are integrated in a real-time, interactive system which can be managed and controlled without the need for any technical skills, beyond typing.

The Company has recently completed a major infrastructure upgrade, which now includes a boutique CDN, and proprietary and patent pending technologies to enable the Company to offer live streaming of concerts and other events in 4K, directly to 4K TV sets, home theaters, and Theaters venues globally. Furthermore, Swig Media now also offers B to B live TV ‘transport streaming', including in 4K, globally, at significant savings over satellite transmission, as well as an alternative digital theatrical distribution, with complete security, again at major savings over the current theatrical digital distribution solution.

When it comes to deployment, SWIG MEDIA is the only provider in the marketplace to offer a viable game changing e-distribution solution for content creators, distributors and publishers with incomparable market-competitive advantages. Products created by Swig Media includes; Swig4K OTT Media Stick (http://www.Swig4k.com) and SWIGIT (http://www.Swigit.com), the first complete social network and secure P2P propelled global distribution and transaction solution for individual films, music, and other media products.

Swig Global Entertainment is a rapidly expanding International entertainment network, offering a wide variety of entertainment selections delivered directly to HD, UHD/ 4K TV sets globally on Swig4K OTT Media Stick, to mobile devices on Swig4K TV App (free at Google Play) and online at http://www.Swig.tv. Swig4K OTT Media Stick Product Information at (http://www.swig4k.com).

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