All-New BrakeOMeter™ Offers Racing’s Most Advanced Numerical Brake Bias Adjustment Dial

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BrakeOMeter™ has introduced an all-new solution for consistent and accurate race car brake bias control. The patent-pending BrakeOMeter™ line offers driver-friendly dials and professional grade installation kits configurable for nearly all types of racing, including: NASCAR®, asphalt, dirt, rally, off-road, Formula, road racing, and more.

BrakeOMeter brake bias adjustable knob

BrakeOMeter brake bias adjustable knob

There is not another brake bias adjustment knob in the world that offers the comprehensive benefits and features of BrakeOMeter™. It truly is ‘the Knob with a Brain™

After more than five years of research, development and testing, there is now a solution to unreliable and unpredictable brake bias control—BrakeOMeter™. This revolutionary brake bias gauge system allows a driver to maximize the power of his car’s brakes during a race, leading to greater brake bias control and ultimately faster lap times.

According to BrakeOMeter™ inventor Bruce Nesbitt, not knowing where the brakes are set—or the right way to adjust them—has been a challenge for race car drivers and their teams for years. The patent-pending BrakeOMeter™ solves many of the key issues relating to brake balance that can have a significant impact on a car’s performance and speed.

“The braking system in any race car is usually more powerful than the engine,” said Nesbitt. “The BrakeOMeter™ was designed to optimize this power by giving drivers the ability to have better car control, especially over the car’s corner entry while braking, and extract the most speed from the car using the brakes.”

The Next Generation Of Brake Bias Control

As a successful race car driver with decades of engineering experience, Bruce Nesbitt asked the question, “If every race car has a tachometer to monitor the engine, why not have a smarter gauge, the BrakeOMeter™, to monitor brake settings?”

Most race cars today have adjustable brakes that allow the driver to change the amount of balance or braking force between the front and rear wheels. However, the gauges or knobs have not been able to provide instant, accurate feedback to the driver with a clear visual reference as to where the brake bias is set, or how much it has been adjusted with each turn of a dial, while driving. Hydraulic or electric gauges require the driver to press the brakes in order to read the gauge. Other forms of dials are out of sight and cannot be quickly referenced while racing.

With BrakeOMeter™, the driver can get feedback of where the brake bias is set at any time—instantly, at racing speeds. The numbers on the dial provide dependable information as to the ratio of pressure between the front and rear brakes. Because the knob can be mounted anywhere in the cockpit facing the driver, it offers optimum visibility and no more groping or hoping.

The BrakeOMeter™ offers another benefit over other brake bias knobs—the ability to be properly adjusted for any situation. The one-of-a-kind design includes many key features that allow changes to braking balance on the fly with confidence. The large knurled knob has a no-slip grip for easy glove gripping, and also incorporates a detent-feel click with each one-quarter turn. This means drivers know exactly how many times they have turned the knob, and exactly how much the ratio has changed from front to rear. This also allows for consistently reproducible results with micrometer-like precision. Brake bias setting is easily noted and communicated to the crew chief.

Most cars with conventional bias knobs and cable systems can easily be upgraded to BrakeOMeter™ in about 10 minutes. After removing the present knob, the BrakeOMeter™ knob is riveted or bolted to the dashboard using the original knob’s mounting holes. The race car’s present cable connection to the brake bias bar is retained. Hand tools and a drill are all that is needed. The BrakeOMeter™ kit includes all rivets, a drill bit and even a hex key.

The face of the dial can be set to any number as the base starting point for balance readings—keeping driver and crew chief on the same page.

Additionally, the BrakeOMeter™ is made with the highest quality, professional grade materials, with durable stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction. The system is engineered to be virtually maintenance free and needs no lubrication. Antifriction Teflon® coated mechanisms require no lubrication and will withstand the rigors of racing. The seamless aluminum tubing housing for the biaxial wound, high torque cable is Teflon® coated on the inside diameter and protected with a bonded nylon coating on the outside.

The BrakeOMeter™ is the only system with optional 3-inch (76mm) and 2-inch (51mm) dial face sizes. Multiple optional dial numbering faces as well as reflective dials for night racing, multi color and other custom dial faces are available. This can accommodate any driver’s requirements or preferences for resolution ranges.

“There is not another brake bias adjustment knob in the world that offers the comprehensive benefits and features of BrakeOMeter™,” said Nesbitt. “It truly is ‘the Knob with a Brain™’.”

Nesbitt added that the BrakeOMeter™ allows drivers to compensate for changing track conditions due to rain, slickness, grease, or corners by continually adjusting the bias as conditions fluctuate. Brake balance can be adjusted as car weight and fuel loads change, too. The BrakeOMeter™ allows the driver to try different brake bias settings, even corner-to-corner with the quick-spin handle, during qualifying and adjust back with no question of how many clicks or turns the driver tried.

Models And Packages Configurable To Any Racer’s Needs

The BrakeOMeter™ is available in systems with custom dial faces for nearly all race cars with a brake balance bar between the front and rear master cylinders. High quality retrofit systems, AR-16 and FR-12 are easily adapted to quickly replace existing brake knobs using current cable systems. Numerous models are offered to accommodate nearly all racing, including: NASCAR®, asphalt, dirt, rally, road, off-road, formula, and more. The driver-friendly upgrade or retrofit models can be installed in as little as 10 minutes. Complete installation kits A-16, S-16 and F-12 are available that include high torque, extra strength cables and housing as well as all adapters, clamps, rivets, and both rear-front and front-rear decals to adapt to any race car.

The retrofit BrakeOMeter™ Model AR-16 with a 3-inch (76mm) dial face installs using the car’s present cable system and is available with a 0 to 16 numbered turn dial as standard. Model SR-16 features a quick-spin handle with special support features for the rigors of dirt racing. Future Model AR packages will come with either a 0 to 8 or 0 to 12 numbered dials. Model F-12 is smaller, with a 2-inch (51mm) dial face designed especially for smaller dashboards such as Formula cars. To learn more and get complete details about all patent-pending BrakeOMeter™ models and high quality installation kits, visit

“Truly a revolution in the racing industry—and set to become the new standard in race car braking—the smart new BrakeOMeter™ eliminates guessing once and for all about where a car’s brake bias is set, or how to adjust it,” said Nesbitt.

Bruce Nesbitt holds over 40 U.S. patents for his inventions and has been inducted as a member of the University of Illinois College of Business Administration Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame. He is a visionary with a proven design and engineering background. He has spent more than five decades dedicated to exploring his passion for racing and has won more than 60 races including professional IMSA, SCCA, Grand Am, and more.

As Dan Binks, author of “Making It Faster” and Crew Chief for Corvette Racing, Six-time Winner at Le Mans, stated: “BrakeOMeter™ is absolutely essential for any serious racer at any level.”

Learn more at or visit the BrakeOMeter™ Channel on YouTube.

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