Cosmetic Town Journal Board of Advisors Poised For Continued Growth In 2016

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Cosmetic Town Journal now features even more vital information about plastic surgery procedures. It is also the foremost site online to find the most current information now available about the latest cosmetic surgery procedures thanks to it growing expert board of advisors.

These endorsement spotlight the level of trust the medical community has in Cosmetic Town as a leading medical journal. - Cosmetic Town Senior Editor

In 2015, Cosmetic Town Journal established a board of advisors comprised of top doctors in their specialties from across the country. The overall goal of the board of advisors is to inform readers about a variety of plastic surgery procedures while also introducing the procedures to an audience that might not be aware of the existence of the procedures.

Some of the plastic surgery procedures covered by Cosmetic Town Journal include facelifts, breast surgeries, tummy tucks, hair transplants, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and butt lifts. Cosmetic surgery procedures are also covered by the board of advisors and they include widely performed procedures such as fillers and Botox.

The board of advisors oversees the content on the website and they take an active role in reviewing articles pertaining to their field of medicine. The website also allows doctors to connect patients with plastic surgeons in the area of the country where the patient resides. While the board of advisors started with just a few members in 2015, it has grown to include more doctors and will expand into double digits in 2016.

The relationship Cosmetic Town Journal has built with the medical community has also allowed the rapport between doctors and patients to grow. According to the senior editor of Cosmetic Town Journal, “We are thrilled to build this rapport with both doctors and patients. The goal is to influence the plastic surgery community in a way that promotes honesty while also denouncing medical malpractice from doctors. Our database of published articles is a convenient way for patients to find the best possible answers from board certified plastic surgeons as well as their medical practices.”

Cosmetic Town Journal is currently recognized by a number of board certified doctors across the country. One doctor who has recently endorsed Cosmetic Town Journal on his website is Dr. Sheldon Kabaker. When discussing physicians such as Dr. Kabaker, the senior editor of the website said “board certified doctors such as Dr. Kabaker have recognized the importance of the online community by endorsing us on their own medical practice pages. These endorsement spotlight the level of trust the medical community has in Cosmetic Town as a leading medical journal.”

The expansion of the board of advisors also expands Cosmetic Town’s position as an online leader in giving patients, as well as casual readers, vital and desired information regarding plastic surgery procedures. The medical expertise and knowledge of the board certified medical professionals who make up the board of advisors allows for accurate and detailed medical information to be shared across the country. There are many people across the country without access to doctors experienced in certain procedures due to their area of residence or the lack of experienced doctors near their area of the country. The content overseen by the board of advisors makes it easier for anyone interested in plastic surgery to have access to information about a wide variety of procedures.

As the overall membership of the board of advisors grows in 2016, the amount of information available on Cosmetic Town Journal will also increase. The growing amount of information available to the public will help ensure that patients are able to get the best possible answers from a variety of board certified doctors across the United States.

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