NYDNRehab clinic began using Leading Technology, Proven Therapies and Personalized Treatment to help patients move freely, without pain

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NYDNRehab clinic begins using computer-assisted rehab to Shockwave therapy, gait analysis to narrow-rehab and beyond to relieve pain, promote healing and prevent future problems in NYC in December 2015

Sedentary, desk-bound lifestyles cause many New Yorkers physical pain from poor postural alignment while physically active people are susceptible to injuries reducing quality of life. For both, we offer Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation—a multidisciplinary physical therapeutic method to treat back pain, orthopedic and sports-related disorders.

At NYDNR, our approach combines sophisticated diagnostic and treatment technology and physical treatment modalities from across the globe with individualized patient care to rehabilitate and heal a vast range of physical conditions. From computer-assisted rehab to Shockwave therapy, gait analysis to narrow-rehab and beyond, we identify the precise causes of pain and discomfort, then find effective ways to treat them.

At every stage of care—just as important as our cutting edge technology—we educate and empower our patients to take ownership of their healing process to stay pain free and independent. That’s how we consistently change lives for the better:

“Thank You Dr. Kalika and staff. My tennis elbow was not responding well to traditional treatment and your Shockwave Therapy and exercises have really helped with my recovery. I am very grateful for all that you’ve done for me.” – Margie Alley

“My first appointment at this facility and WOW! Courteous, professional staff at the Front Desk, got me in quickly, did my paperwork, set me up and off I was to sit down with Dr. Kalika to evaluate my condition. He was thorough - listening to and answering my questions and explaining all the steps involved in the upcoming treatment - a true evaluation. To address my condition - plantar fascia (right foot) - his staff combined shockwave therapy, acupuncture and conditioning exercises. I like the concept of treating the condition as part of a "whole" - after all, this pain doesn't happen in a vacuum, it does affect other parts of the body, such as the way one walks - with one side trying to compensate for the discomfort on the other side. I've set up my 3 visits for next week. A great first impression which encourages me to recommend them to others.” – Adriana R.

We’re proud to offer the world’s most advanced technology for imaging and diagnosing sources of pain and restriction, promoting healing, and preventing problems from reoccurring:

We’re the only private clinic in the US using a Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment—a state of the art rehabilitation technology developed for the military. Traditionally, physical therapists taught healthy movement by demonstrating a motion, then correcting patients as they repeat it. At our clinic, patients interact with a virtual reality environment while CAREN captures their motion with 12 infrared cameras and provides real-time feedback. By removing human error from physical therapy, we save time and can deliver unparalleled results.

Our founder, Dr. Lev Kalika, first brought Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization to the US in 2002. Used by elite athletes like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and JaromírJágr, DNS tap into innate motor patterns from early development, such as crawling and turning, to retrain the body to move naturally and safely after the injury has introduced negative patterns that cause imbalance and pain.

Our bodies weren’t designed by evolution to walk in heels, dress shoes or sneakers. Problems arise when our compensation to this footwear becomes permanent, making walking a source of imbalance and pain. For these people, we offer Anatomy in Motion, a cutting-edge method that helps correct how we walk. AiM is based on mass management during walking. Therapists identify the fault occurring in the spine or extremity joints during the five phases of gait, then prescribe specific exercise store proper mechanics and dynamic alignment.For patients with ankle, knee, hip, low back or neck pain rooted in the gait cycle, AiM delivers instant pain relief, enables healing, reduces the likelihood of re-injury, and improves overall physical performance.

Gait Analysis Technology
We’re the only outpatient clinic in NYC to have a complete gait analysis lab. Gait Analysis Technology allows therapists to see biomechanical and neuromuscular faults that are invisible to the naked eye. Armed with this data, clinicians can discern compensation from the root cause of injury—so we can treat the cause, not the symptoms.

Risk and Prevention Testing
How do you know when it’s time to get back on the field, court or track after a devastating injury? The bottom line is that most orthopedic surgeons don’t have an effective way to determine if an injury will recur. To help keep patients safe, in collaboration with pro - athlete therapists Dr. Chris Powers, we’ve developed a proprietary risk assessment system to determine when you’re really ready to get back in the game.

Ultrasound Guided Needling
We’re the first clinic in the US to practice this revolutionary treatment. Acupuncture has been used to treat pain and imbalance for 3000 years. But the practice hasn’t been improved by advances in science—until now. Using ultrasound elastography, we identify which trigger points will be most effective in the treatment of each patient. Using this technique, we’re able to instantly relieve pain and symptoms of TMJ, fibromyalgia, back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions.

APOS Therapy
APOS Therapy is a life-changing alternative to knee replacement surgery. By adjusting specially designed footwear, therapists manipulate how muscles and joints of the ankle to the lower back are activated. In a matter of weeks, pain is relieved, chronic conditions reversed, and correct posture and gait restored.

About Dr. Lev Kalika, Founder of NYDNR
Dr. Lev Kalika is helping revolutionize how back pain and other motor disorders are treated using Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. After 10 years of training with renowned European sports medicine specialists, Dr. Kalika founded NYDNR and established himself as a leading expert in the conservative treatment of back, hip, knee and shoulder pain and sports injuries.Dr. Kalika is currently certified and is a member of:

AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine)
ISMST (International Society of Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy)
GCMAS (Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society)
NASS (North American Spine Society);
IADMS (International Association of Dance Medicine and Science)
Virtual Rehabilitation Society

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