Earnify: The World's First CPA Native Advertising Network

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It's Your Website. Isn't It Time You Were Paid What You're Worth?

Our widgets will earn you more than any other native advertising company you've ever tried.

A brand new advertising platform by the name of Earnify is providing other native advertising networks with some serious competition. Despite having gone online just a few days ago on 10th July, Earnify is already attracting hundreds of new publisher sign ups daily.

Why is Earnify having such a big impact, so quickly? Well, as most bloggers and website owners know, making money from traditional advertising platforms can be painfully slow. Every other native advertising network offers their publishers a tiny CPC. This is because 85% of the advertisers connected to their widgets are doing one of two things: they're advertising their own product or they're advertising another party's product and only paying a small CPC on top of the network taking a huge cut of the revenue. Hence, there's very little cash trickling down to the publishers - despite the fact that they're the ones working hard to create amazing sites and attract all the traffic.

In fact, the only way to make any kind of money through these networks is by drawing literally millions and millions of readers per month. On one network, for example, 1 million page views can be expected to earn between $370 and $1,120. It's not much, considering how much work goes into generating 1 million visitors! Which means that loads of smart, creative, hard-working yet non celebrity-level famous publishers are working really, really hard for very little return.

That's where Earnify comes in. In contrast to the established platforms, Earnify is the first CPA native advertising platform in the world and strives to provide publishers with a premium return. "Our widgets will earn you more than any other native advertising company you've ever tried," said a spokesperson for Earnify.

Rather than giving publishers a generic CPC or CPM for their traffic, Earnify offers a high revenue share (CPA) of every single sale the widgets generate. Some of the advertisers working with the platform pay up to $300 for one sale and Earnify publishers actually receive a share of this sale instead of a few cents for the click. The average CPM for US desktop or tablet traffic is peaking at around $16 USD right now. That's triple the average CPM offered by the competition. Plus, there's a 100% fill rate. So it's no wonder that so many site owners and publishers are jumping on board so quickly. At last, the cut Earnify takes is almost three times less than other networks.

Furthermore, Earnify puts complete control in the hands of its users. Rather than having to put up with an arrangement of widgets as supplied by the platform, the publisher can decide exactly how it wants them to appear. They are provided with a widget creation tool, so that every widget can be customised to match their particular site - from colour and format to size and style. Whenever they want to change the appearance or arrangement, they can do so immediately. Using Earnify is as adaptable, flexible and accessible as adding content to a site or changing its theme.

Earnify's talented team members have also put months of time and effort into ensuring the platform's widgets work efficiently across a range of contexts. They're 100% confident that the widgets perform to optimum level because they've spent the past seven months testing them thoroughly on their own Alexa 500 websites. Earnify simply wasn't willing to go public until the system was perfect. Users can rest assured that all widgets are designed to ensure incredible performance, regardless of which browser is being used, and which format is needed.

Furthermore, Earnify has conducted exhaustive experimentation to make sure that the widgets do the best possible job when it comes to converting clicks into leads. For publishers, this means that their earnings are maximised.

Earnify also offers extensive administrative assistance and technical support. Thanks to 24-hour, real-time reporting, users can find out exactly how their widgets are performing in just a few seconds. They can see their earnings in real time - with every click or sale made. There's no more waiting for a day to find out how well a site, page or post is performing! And Earnify's back end is beautifully designed and easy to navigate. There's no need to waste time trying to figure out complex operating procedures or getting frustrated with an interface that can't be easily understood. At the same time, the back end is incredibly informative. Everything publishers need to know can be accessed in just a few clicks. Further questions, concerns or queries can be directed to Earnify's smart, helpful, enthusiastic tech support team members. There's no problem too small or too big for them.

When it comes to receiving payments, Earnify employs a weekly Net-21 payments system. This is simply because, in their view, monthly Net-30 is unnecessary. Modern life is already complex, busy and cluttered enough - why make it more difficult when a more straight-forward approach does the trick perfectly well?

While publishers, site owners and bloggers are enjoying the user-friendly experience offered by Earnify's widgets and back end, the Earnify team is taking care of the more complex side of things. For a start, they've developed incredibly smart algorithms. These track the movements, habits and interests of visitors, browsers and buyers, to make sure that the widgets are running at optimal performance (and are therefore far more likely to convert). Secondly, Earnify makes sure that every single section of every single site registered with them is monetised to its maximum potential. This is achieved through advanced geotargeting and device targeting.

Thirdly, one of the big reasons Earnify offers such excellent returns is the company's focus on developing close relationships with its advertisers. Earnify has custom terms and contracts with almost every advertiser in its stable, offering the best possible outcomes, while negotiating fantastic pay rates for site owners and publishers. After all, it's a two-way street - the better the site, the more likely it is to attract loyal clients.

To find out more about Earnify, please visit the official Earnify website at http://www.earnify.com or contact:

Kyle Ryan
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