Just in Time for Father's Day, Lefty's the Left Hand Store Explains Why Left-Handers Make Better Fathers

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Left-handers make better fathers - Lefty's the Left Hand Store explains why lefty dads are the best, just in time for Father's Day 2015.

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Left-handers make better fathers - Lefty's the Left Hand Store explains why lefty dads are the best, just in time to celebrate Father's Day 2015.

Throughout history left-handedness has been considered at best a disadvantage, and perhaps even a sign of criminality, or mental illness. The Roman Catholic Church considered it literally diabolical, and famously forced lefty kids to learn to use their right hands (by methods that today might also be considered diabolical). But recent studies have shown, on the contrary, that left-handedness is an advantage. In her 2013 New Yorker article "Sinister Minds: Are Left-Handed People Smarter", Maria Konnikova cites a group of studies proving left-handers are smarter, more creative, and have better memories than right-handers.

What makes lefties better dads? Growing up is a process of developing skills as the body and mind become ready to learn them. For left-handers this learning process is especially difficult because the world is designed for right-handers in countless ways. Consider, for example, the door knob. Lefties naturally want to turn things counter-clockwise, and righties clockwise. For lefties, ALL doors open the wrong way!

Lefties literally have to learn to think backwards, as if in a mirror, as well as forwards. In neurological terms, they have to learn to use both halves of their brains. Because growing up was a struggle for left-handed dads, they really understand what their kids are going through, even if those kids are righties.

In Melissa Roth's book "The Left Stuff", she points out another advantage that is common among lefties - they can read body language well, as this skill resides in the right hemisphere of the brain. This has led to a larger percentage of lefties working in the fields of psychiatry and therapy than in the general population. Lefty dads can tell what their kids are feeling in ways that right-handed parents may not. For both these reasons, lefty dads have terrific empathy. On top of this they're smarter and more creative, have better memories, and are generally more fun to be with.

Those lucky enough to have or to be friends left-handed dads can find the world's leading selection of left-handed Fathers' Day gifts at Lefty's. Visit Lefty's online at http://www.thelefthandstore.com, or at their retail stores in Pier 39, San Francisco, or Walt Disney World Resorts and Old Town Kissimmee in Florida.

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