Bay Area Plastic Surgeon Says Mommy Makeovers Increasing In Demand For The New Year

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler says the best results for mommy makeovers are being achieved with new techniques for breast augmentation, breast lifts and a new abdominoplasty procedure known as the “Brazilian” tummy tuck. “Although the New Year has just begun, these procedures are driving an increased demand for cosmetic surgery among Bay Area women.”

Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler appears on ABC News San Francisco

Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler appears on ABC News San Francisco

Three new plastic surgery procedures are driving demand among women who wish to rejuvenate their bodies after dedicating years to raising their children. “As the new year begins, I’m seeing a noticeable increase in the number of women who want to start fresh with a mommy makeover”, says Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler, a leading Bay Area plastic surgeon. “The best results are being seen with new procedures such as the “Brazilian” technique for Abdominoplasty, a new breast lift with fat transfer and of course, breast augmentation which continues to be the most popular procedure. More women are asking for the natural look made possible with the so-called ‘gummy bear’ cohesive gel implants which provide an understated, chic breast augmentation in the full B to small C cup size range.”

“Many women work hard to get their bodies back, but ultimately the changes caused by pregnancy require surgery to correct,” says Dr. Zeidler. “Fortunately, their timing couldn’t be better, as the latest procedures can give a younger, rejuvenated look to the breasts and can recontour the abdomen more dramatically than ever.”

The “Brazilian Tummy Tuck”
"This technique, also known as “lipoabdominoplasty” utilizes liposuction to create the most sculpted results possible," says Dr. Zeidler. "Dr. Saldanha of Brazil developed the procedure in which liposuction is done simultaneously with an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck. A better body contour can be achieved because liposuction decreases the abdominal measurement. The abdomen is rejuvenated with a more natural profile, and in many cases a shorter scar is an added benefit.”

Breast Augmentation
“The biggest recent news in breast augmentation is the so-called ‘Gummy Bear’ implants,” says Dr. Zeidler. “These are perfect for women who want fullness without a rounded top of the breast, which can result in a 'fake' or obviously augmented look. Gummy Bear implants have a tear drop shape and they're a little bit better at mimicking the shape of the breast. They have a highly cohesive silicone gel filling and like the ‘gummy bears’ candies, if you squish them, they will retain their shape. ‘Gummy Bears’ are made with a denser, semi-solid type of silicone which is firmer than the more liquid breast implants. Gummy Bear implants also provide a very stable, long lasting appearance. My patients and I like the predictable results they create. They can be  combined with fat grafting to give women beautiful, full breasts that keep people guessing.”

The “Natural Breast Lift”
“I perform a ‘natural breast lift’ with ‘auto augmentation’ which uses the patient’s own breast tissue to add volume, combined with fat grafting to fill out the top of the breasts,” says Dr. Zeidler. “Breast tissue is re-positioned to produce perkier breasts that protrude further from the chest and fat grafting can put the finishing touches on achieving an attractive, natural look. I take unwanted fat from another area of the body such as the waist or abdomen and transfer that fat to refine the breast contours. The fat is carefully re-injected with a technique to encourage long-term retention."

Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler is a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in the Los Gatos / Campbell area serving patients from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more about "mommy makeovers" and other plastic surgery procedures by calling the office of Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler at 408-559-7177. Visit

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