Infinite Consciousness & Healing: Shaolin Chan Foundation’s 19th Annual Qi Retreat

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Grand Master Shi DeRu will present speeches and seminar sessions on the theme of healing from Chan (Zen) meditation to imagination in harmony with the Cosmic Consciousness, which guides each participant to see the healing channels of microcosm of the universe in realization of greatest healing potential within at Pensacola Beach in Florida, starting Feb. 26, 2016.


From Chan meditation to imagination, we vibrate our inner consciousness in harmony with cosmic consciousness in quantum communication to reconnect Inner Qi to Universe Conscious Qi through Chan Mind to obtain healing potential in Self-Nature.

Grandmaster Shi DeRu will lead the 19th annual Qi (Chee) Retreat on Feb. 26 –Feb 29, 2016 in Pensacola Beach, FL. This year’s lectures will focus on “Chan Infinite Mind: from Chan meditation to imagination in reaching out to the cosmic conscious for our greatest healing potential.”

SCF (Shaolin Chan Foundation) with the support of Shaolin Institute ( is hosting the retreat at 1100 Ariola Drive, Pensacola Beach, FL.

Grand Master Shi DeRu will present unique speeches and conduct a series Chan seminar sessions on healing within at the 19th annual 3-day Qi (pronounced Chi) Retreat at White Sand Pensacola Beach, FL,

The fast pace of modern life taxes our hearts with high levels of tension but the Chan meditation retreat offers a chance to relax, meet people, and satisfy spiritual longing. The three-day retreat offers an opportunity to “face the sea and meet the mind.” Zen (Chan) is a way of living that combines Chinese naturalistic Dao philosophy with that of Buddhism, and suggests that one is a microcosm of the universe or rather, that one’s mind is part of the universal, infinite mind.

Unfortunately, our minds are constantly being cluttered, or ‘spammed,’ just like our email inboxes. Zen meditation is about reprogramming and removing the clutter to reconnect with the original qi. According to Zen, “Bodhi” means wisdom that constitutes one's self-nature, pure from the beginning.

The seminars are to assist each participant to see that inner consciousness and learn how to meditate and vibrate that conscious healing frequency and eventually to reconnect to that cosmic consciousness in quantum level without time and space delay. The healing and empowering is naturally carried out as the meditation starts, according to SCF website.

This consciously guided Chan (Zen) meditation and Tai Gong are methods designed to lead each participant to consciously connect with the healing channel of microcosm of the universe (one’s mind-body realm) from Chan conscious meditation quantum channeling into a higher level of conscious imagination that infiltrates into the Cosmic Consciousness in harmony to achieve the greatest healing potential within.

“From Chan meditation to imagination, we vibrate our inner consciousness in harmony with cosmic consciousness in quantum communication to reconnect our Inner Qi to Universe Conscious Qi through the Chan (Zen) Mind to unveil Self-Nature: healing potential and wisdom within in great joy.” says Master DeRu who is conducting this 19th Annual 3-day Qi Retreat.

According to Master DeRu, it is from the base of that meditation to that conscious imagination in time and space, one is able then to reach higher conscious level of quantum communication into Cosmic Consciousness, which permeates and penetrates back into one’s microcosm of the universe to eventually harmonize and balance the body and mind of one’s being to realize the greatest healing potential and discover one’s happiness and wisdom.

“When that happens,” says Master DeRu, “our inner conscious signal reaches quantum realm ; time and space is irrelevant; the time and space limitation between our Inner conscious Qi and Universe Conscious Qi no longer exists. Through that Chan (Zen) Mind in quantum communication, we obtain Self-Nature, healing potential and power and wisdom to discover our happiness and joy.”

That space less and timeless quantum communication enables the re-connection of the infinite consciousness of the universe with microcosm of consciousness of being results in unveiling inner wisdom and the healing potential within in no time. "You and I ", says Master DeRu, "are those microcosms of the infinite supreme universe."

And he further explains, "We are our own healing agents and our own natural doctors, and we have a big natural medicine factory installed internally producing any natural biochemical needs to heal in quantum level. We are our own quantum healer if we are consciously connected in body, mind and with the consciousness of the cosmos."

The retreat main topics in teaching lessons will be:

1 Time and Space limitations
2. Potentiality in space and in each of us
3 From potential reality to visible reality of healing realization process
4. Consciousness of the universe in us
5. Mind of beings in oneness with mind of universe-ET
6 : Potential Consciousness creates reality

The consciousness of Compassion, Forgiveness, Love, Gratitude can also assist to open up the mind to strengthen the Qi frequency waves with stronger signals and clear up the channels between you and the cosmic intelligence see the wisdom within to reorganize our body and mind functionality and to heal, according to DeRu.

Zen nutrition and cooking instruction will also be part of the retreat which introduces healthy and nutritious vegetarian food to fulfill the body nutrition needs and nutrition-oxygen transportation needs.

In coordination with main course “Chan (Zen 禅) Mind - Tai Gong, ancient Shaolin Qi Gong-Yi JinJing (tendon nourishing and cleansing)will also be introduced at the Qi Retreat.

Master DeRu believes that Chan is all about opening the mind and freeing the body to let each individual to flow with the universal Qi, channeling one to be creative and productive without competitiveness –developing an endless fountain of wisdom.

He contemplates as he talks softly to his seniors, “We meditate to follow the law of cosmic Qi and the principles of the universe. When we are in harmony with Cosmic Conscious Qi, we can open the quantum channels in all directions without limitations of space or time. Millions of quantum channels open and connect us from Consciousness of the Supreme Universe to our inner subconscious Qi of each cell; that enables us to ultimately see health, wellness and happiness.”

About Teacher
Grand Master Shi DeRu, 31st generation indoor disciple of the venerable Great Grand Master Shi Suxi, is a world-renowned Shaolin Chan and martial arts Master, highly sought after teacher, esteemed scholar. All courses and meditation sessions will be conducted by Shi DeRu, a world-renowned Chan student-teacher who has studied and taught Chan meditation, nutrition, medicine and healing arts for his life time.

SCF (Shaolin Chan Foundation)
SCF is a non-profit organization under 501 (c). SCF is established to carry the ancient Shaolin Chan Culture to generations to come to enlighten, inspire and educate Chan freedom of the body and the mind and to promote Shaolin Chan culture and wisdom of peace and compassion around the world to enable each individual to unveil his/her greatest potential. The vision of SCF is to establish Life Intelligence University for all peaceful & harmonic peoples of high consciousness around the globe.

For more information: 770-286-9808,

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