10 Facts About Hearing Loss You Probably Haven’t Heard

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Dr. Rosann Faull publishes an article on the surprising facts about hearing loss.

Dr. Rosann W. Faull, LLC

In the US, 48 million people have some degree of hearing loss, and out of those 48 million, 30 million are under the age of 65. That’s 20 percent of the entire population, or one out of every five people whom hearing loss affects in some way.

These, along with several other surprising facts about hearing loss can be found in a recently published article titled 10 Surprising Facts About Hearing Loss.

In the article, Dr. Rosann W. Faull separates myth from fact regarding hearing loss, explaining how prevalent the condition is and how reluctant people can be to get help. Dr. Faull also explains how hearing loss is not just part of getting older but is a condition that all age groups are susceptible to.

In fact, according to the World Health Organization, 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at risk of hearing loss from exposure to unsafe sound levels from personal audio devices and noisy environments like nightclubs and concerts.

And once people have hearing loss, they tend to wait before seeking help—for an average of five to seven years. Additionally, only one out of every five people who could benefit from hearing aids actually wears them.

According to Dr. Faull, the reason people wait so long or avoid treatment altogether is due to misinformation about hearing loss. People tend to view hearing loss as a problem that only affects old people, or as a problem that hearing aids can’t correct. On the contrary, hearing loss affects people of all ages and modern hearing aids have been shown to be highly effective.

By continuing to educate the public, Dr. Rosann W. Faull hopes to raise awareness that hearing loss is common, affects all age groups, and can be effectively treated. For more information about hearing loss and hearing aids, visit http://www.drfaull.com.

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Dr. Rosann Faull
Dr. Rosann W. Faull, LLC

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