VetStem Biopharma Announces OC Mobile Surgery now offers Stem Cell therapy for dogs and cats suffering from orthopedic conditions

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VetStem Biopharma's Stem Cell therapy helps dogs and cats that suffer from orthopedic conditions such as osteoarthritis and tendon and ligament injuries. Dr. Joanne Hughes of OC Mobile Surgery is now providing this therapy to local veterinarians and their pet owners.


Stem cell therapy provides a less invasive and less expensive alternative to joint replacement to get pets back on their feet and enjoying life

Dr. Hughes has been certified in Regenerative Cell Therapy by VetStem Biopharma since 2009. She recently opened OC Mobile Surgery and is now offering Stem Cell therapy for dogs and cats who suffer from orthopedic conditions such as osteoarthritis and tendon and ligament injuries. The therapy is performed by Dr. Joanne Hughes at local veterinary hospiatls in conjunction with VetStem Biopharma.

Dr. Hughes has been utilizing Regenerative Cell Therapy since 2009, using adult derived stem cells to treat patients at her previous clinics, one of those patients being Lucy, a 1 year old American Bulldog suffering from severe osteoarthritis in her hips. Lucy’s owners said their general practice vet said that on a scale of “good to bad” Lucy’s hips were horrific and that hip replacement may be the only option. They were worried about such an extensive surgery and consulted Dr. Hughes, a veterinary surgeon, for other options. Dr. Hughes suggested stem cell therapy and Lucy’s owners are glad they took her advice. At the time of the surgery, Lucy could barely walk around the block. Within 9 months of the stem cell injections Lucy was able to do things she had never been able to before. She could run in the dog park and play Frisbee.

Dr. Hughes started her mobile surgery service to provide orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries in general practice facilities. OC Mobile Surgery allows veterinarians to offer more complicated surgeries to their current client base without sending them to a referral clinic. “Stem cell therapy provides a less invasive and less expensive alternative to joint replacement to get pets back on their feet and enjoying life” said Dr. Hughes.

Stem cells are regenerative cells that can differentiate into many tissue types as well as being able to reduce pain and inflammation, thus helping to restore range of motion and stimulate regeneration of tendon, ligament and joint tissues ( In a study using VetStem Regenerative Cell Therapy on dogs with osteoarthritis of the hip joint, it was found that regenerative cell therapy (adipose-derived stem cells) decreases patient discomfort and increases patient functional ability.

Once a patient is identified as a good candidate for stem cell therapy the procedure begins with a fatty tissue collection from the patient. The tissue sample is sent overnight to VetStem’s lab in San Diego for processing. Once processed, the stem cells are quality checked and then injectable doses of the patient’s stem cells are sent overnight, back to Dr. Hughes. Within 48hrs of collecting a fat sample from a patient Dr. Hughes is able to inject stem cells into (arthritic or injured) affected areas and healing can begin.

About VetStem Biopharma
VetStem Biopharma is a veterinarian lead company that was formed in 2002 to bring regenerative medicine to the profession. This privately held biopharmaceutical enterprise, based near San Diego (California), currently offers veterinarians an autologous stem cell processing service (from patients’ own fat tissue) among other regenerative modalities. With a unique expertise acquired over the past 12 years and 11,000 patients treated by veterinarians for joint, tendon or ligament issues, VetStem has made regenerative medicine applications a therapeutic reality beyond the realm of research. The VetStem team is focused on developing new clinically practical and affordable veterinary solutions that leverage the natural restorative abilities present in all living creatures. The company’s stated mission being “to extend and enhance the lives of animals by improving the quality of recovery in acute conditions, but also by unlocking ways to slow, stop and ultimately revert the course of chronic diseases”. In addition to its’ own portfolio of patents, VetStem holds exclusive global veterinary licenses to a portfolio of over 55 issued patents in the field of regenerative medicine.

About OC Mobile Surgery
OC Mobile Surgery offers surgery services for general practice veterinarians in Southern California (Orange County, North San Diego County, Riverside and Temecula Valley). Dr. Hughes is the surgeon and has extensive years in a general practice so she is familiar with the difficulties that can arise from referring patients out for surgery. She started OC Mobile Surgery to allow general practice veterinarians to serve their clients’ orthopedic surgery needs in their own clinics. Dr. Hughes has extensive training for surgery in orthopedic conditions and is a graduate of UC Davis. Dr. Hughes and her technician provide all the care and medications needed to perform the required surgery. Their approach is to work in the background as to not disrupt the regular flow of your practice. They offer Fracture repair, TPLO / TTA, soft tissue surgery as well as Stem Cell Therapy.

OC Mobile Surgery
Dr. Joanne Hughes

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