Jim's Heating & Cooling in Adelaide Offers Air Conditioning Summer Specials

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2015 was the hottest year on record. To help Australians battle the ongoing intense heat, Jim’s Heating and Cooling is offering a series of air conditioning "Summer Specials" to help Adelaide residents cool off.

The hottest year on record just came to an end, according to scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), with December taking the unique honor of being the hottest individual month in 136 years of record keeping. While the Northern Hemisphere is battling a snowy winter, the Southern Hemisphere is still in the middle of the dog days of summer.

In Australia, the summer months are December, January, and February. And to help Australians battle the ongoing intense heat this summer season, Jim’s Heating and Cooling in Adelaide is offering a series of air conditioning "Summer Specials."

To learn more about the Summer Specials, visit this page: http://jimsheatingcooling.com.au/air-conditioning-heating-specials/

Deals include Carrier wall split systems starting at just $645 and Toshiba wall splits beginning at $690, as well as a full range of air conditioner brands and styles at incredibly low prices. For those who would like to finance a new air conditioner, Jim’s is currently offering the choice of 24 months interest-free or $500 off. The company also provides a 7-year warranty on new systems.

Some consumers, especially those who have never had air conditioning before, might wonder what kind of air conditioner they need. With so many available options, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Fortunately, Jim’s Heating and Cooling explains that all air conditioners fall into a few basic types:

Room air conditioners, such as window units, are self-contained boxes. Cool air blows into the room, while warm air blows outside. These are considered the most affordable, but also the most stripped-down, air conditioners.

Split systems and multi-splits are the next step up. In a split system, the cooling elements and thermostat are mounted on an indoor wall, while the heat exchange elements and compressor are outdoors in a weather resistant box. Multi-splits allow a single outdoor box to power multiple indoor units. These systems are quieter and allow for more precise temperature control than room air conditioners.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are considered a premium option. These systems use ductwork to move temperature-controlled air throughout your home before blowing it out into each room through vents mounted in the walls or ceilings. Ducted systems provide precise temperature control at the press of a button.

Those who select a ducted model with zoning and a programmable thermostat can even set different areas of the home to automatically switch to different temperatures at different times of the day. A reverse cycle model handles both cooling and heating needs, switching from one mode to the other with ease. These systems are cost-effective over the long run, but have a significantly higher purchase price than room air conditioners or split systems.

Customers who want to go green might choose an evaporative cooler instead. Known as a swamp cooler in the American Southwest, these inexpensive and eco-friendly air conditioning alternatives are particularly suited to the dry and arid climate of the Adelaide region. Operating on the same scientific principles that cause humans to sweat, evaporative coolers draw in hot air from the roof and pass it through a series of water-soaked pads before forcing it out into the room. As the water evaporates, it significantly cools the air.

Evaporative coolers completely change the air in the house every one to two minutes, keeping it clean and healthy. However, they are not the best choice for those who enjoy an ice cold room, as it is difficult to cool the air by more than 13 to 14 degrees C on a dry day, or 6 to 7 degrees C on a more humid day.

The mercury may be rising in Australia, but air conditioning can beat the heat. From portable units to ducted reverse cycle systems, a new air conditioner can prepare homeowners for the next record breaking heat wave.

About Jim’s Heating and Cooling

Choosing the right air conditioner can be confusing, but Jim’s Heating and Cooling is here to help. The company takes pride in helping every customer select just the right air conditioning system. Phone them locally on 131 546 for more information. To learn more about the Summer Specials, visit: http://jimsheatingcooling.com.au/air-conditioning-heating-specials/

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