Yost Labs Offers Limited-Time Discount on Groundbreaking Motion Capture System

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3-SpaceTM Sensors, Motion Capture Suits Accessible to Independent Animation/Game Studios and Medical Researchers



Yost Labs is now making this technology accessible to the broader group of film/game developers and researchers—and even opening up exciting new application areas.

Yost Labs, an internationally recognized leader in inertial sensor technology and a leading provider of motion capture systems, today announced a limited-time discount on its professional-grade 3-Space motion capture (“mocap”) system.

Yost Labs’ pioneering work in low-latency sensor technology has enabled the company to break through previous price floors. The company’s 3-Space Sensors have reduced the cost of professional-grade sensor mocap to one-tenth the cost of previously available systems. The company has been able to offer the Yost Labs 3-Space Sensors mocap system at $3,499.00; however, Yost Labs has allocated 100 additional mocap systems, available until February 29, 2016, for $2,899.00—a $600 savings. The offer is available exclusively on the company’s web site at yeitechnology.com, by using the coupon code “MoCap15”.

Miniature inertial motion sensors that can wirelessly transmit to computers, such as the Yost Labs 3-Space sensors, have revolutionized character animation in feature films and AAA video game titles. This technology has also found great utility in human motion analysis for rehabilitation and sports performance.

“The problem with mocap has been that, at costs ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, this technology has been beyond the reach of all but the best-funded studios and medical research labs,” said Greg Merril, CEO of Yost Labs. “Yost Labs is now making this technology accessible to the broader group of film/game developers and researchers—and even opening up exciting new application areas.”

The Yost Labs 3-Space mocap system includes all the hardware and software needed for complete motion capture, including: 17 Yost Labs 3-Space wireless sensors; USB wireless base station dongles; MoCap Studio™, an open-source motion capture application that includes drivers, configuration files, and documentation. A quick start guide walks the user through the motion capture process, including how to attach, adjust and calibrate the wireless sensors; recording, playing back and exporting performances; and creating motion data files that can be imported into industry standard applications.

The Yost 3-Space Sensor product line is a family of miniature, high-precision, and high-reliability, Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) /Inertial Measurement Units (IMU). Each 3-Space Sensor uses triaxial gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer in conjunction with Yost Lab’s patented QGRAD™ sensor fusion firmware to determine orientation relative to an absolute reference in real-time.

About Yost Labs
Yost Labs sits on the leading edge of virtual reality and motion capture. The company’s patented sensor technologies enable motion and position tracking in many of today’s and tomorrow’s most exciting products, making virtual reality immersive, interactive and accessible. Technology born out of Yost Labs enables drones and autonomous cars to navigate, the measurement of human motion for medical rehab and athletics, robots to move where they are directed to go, and the speed and direction in which a person is moving. Yost Labs is privately funded and headquartered in Portsmouth, OH. For more information, visit http://www.yeitechnology.com .

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