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Decades of U.S. counterinsurgency experience worldwide and the latest advances in artificial intelligence technology are integrated by Arnold Schuchter, author of Regime Change: National Security in the Age of Terrorism, into an innovative strategy for fighting ISIS terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere.

In the aftermath of terrorist attacks by the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) in Paris, Beirut, on the Russian jet over the Sinai Peninsula, and in San Bernardino, CA., the U.S. and its allies are focused on crushing the Islamic State and protecting their homelands from Islamic terrorism.

“Strategies for containing and defeating ISIS have to take into account an incredibly complex historical and geopolitical context in the Middle East and Persian Gulf region that have spawned insurgencies, terrorism, widespread disorder, corruption and the meltdown of governance in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen,” said Schuchter. “None of these crises have had any political or military solutions that have worked to contain ISIS and other jihadist terrorism.”

Further destabilization looms in Syria as the result of Russia's military intervention to support Assad's brutal regime and the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Both Russia and Iran have supported Assad for many years. Iran's strong financial and other support for Assad is likely to increase when sanctions are lifted as a result of its international nuclear deal.

“Countless refugees and displaced persons fleeing to Europe, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan have thrust the long and bloody civil war in Syria and decades of warfare and insurgencies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Libya into the 2016 presidential political campaign,” said Schuchter. “ISIS terrorism is fueling political opposition in the U.S. to welcoming Syrian refugees and also focusing more attention on terrorists crossing the U.S. border with Mexico.”

Next generation counterinsurgency (NexGen COIN) strategies devised by Schuchter include protected safe havens under no-fly zones created for three purposes: sheltering displaced people in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen that otherwise would become refugees; providing safe zones for training and support of local insurgents battling ISIS and other jihadists; and providing resources for rebuilding nearby communities.

“NexGen COIN strategies build on lessons learned from decades of counterinsurgencies in the Middle East and elsewhere and years of dedicated work by US military and other experts to revamp U.S. Army COIN doctrine and military rules of operation,” said Schuchter. “NexGen COIN integrates U.S. expertise in advanced information and communication technologies and artificial intelligence that can provide U.S. frontline advisors/CyberWarriors with unprecedented bottomup decision-making, real-time intelligence gathering, analysis and sharing capabilities.”

ISIS Containment & Defeat and Regime Change: National Security in the Age of Terrorism is available at Amazon and iUniverse bookstores. Also see https://www.facebook.com/isisdefeat.

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