Sinus Survival Helps Protect From Ongoing Infections With A Personalized Plan

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Winter Is Typically One Of the Hardest Times On Everyone's Health, But It's Possible To Prevent Illness Naturally With Some Careful Planning

There is a much more effective solution than antibiotics for treating a sinus infection, yet most practitioners are still prescribing them.

Sinus Survival announced today an on-line Breakthrough Discovery Center geared toward keeping everyone healthy with customized, personalized plans. Winter is traditionally a time when people become sicker faster, although most illnesses can be treated – and even prevented with some careful planning and good common sense.

Swollen sinuses, congestion and colds turn on a sinus infection cycle. Each of these sinus-related problems is actually due to an underlying cause, which is different in everyone. “There is a much more effective solution than Antibiotics, which are not usually necessary, and if you can understand the triggers that lead to sinus infections, you can prevent them,” according to Dr. Rob “Rav” Ivker, the best-selling author of Sinus Survival and the Sinus Survival online program.

Three different medical studies have shown the ineffectiveness of antibiotics for treating a sinus infection, yet most practitioners are still prescribing them. Dr. Ivker’s research demonstrated that antibiotics cause people to: 1). become less resistant to sinus infections, and 2) cause fungal sinusitis; thereby increasing the frequency of them and also causing chronic sinusitis. As a result of his findings, Dr. Ivker created the “Core 4” sinus solution that will keep sinuses clear and extinguish triggers naturally.

The “Core 4” is comprised of The Sinus Survival Spray, Sinus Essentials Oil, Sinuthyme, and Sinus Survival Eucalyptus Oil. The Sinus Survival Spray is a natural herbal spray, and provides moisture to dry sinuses, while releasing sinus pressure and breaking up mucus. This can be used daily, but is especially helpful in the prevention and elimination of sinus headaches. Sinus Essentials Oil is a combination of soothing jojoba oil and medicinal peppermint oil, which help to open the sinuses and make the mind more alert. Just one or two drops of the Sinus Essentials Oil can relive a sinus migraine in mere minutes. Sinuthyme is an all-natural herbal capsule formulated to reduce sinus swelling and help the body’s natural defenses to kill the common cold. Thyme has long been used as a medicinal remedy because it has antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. Finally, the Sinus Survival Eucalyptus Oil relieves the symptoms of sinus pressure, asthma, colds, sore throats and many other respiratory-related issues. Feeling the benefits of the eucalyptus is easy; simply spray it on a tissue and breathe it in, add it to a steam inhaler, or spray it in a daily shower to create a steam shower.

Staying at the top of one's health game is not always easy. Regardless of which path people take, using natural products, like the Sinus Survival “Core 4” will not only help prevent illness, but it will also chase away winter colds and sinus infections.

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