Parrot Analytics Expands the World’s Only Global Cross-Platform TV Audience Demand Measurement System

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Country-Specific Demand Measurement System – Powered by the World’s Largest TV Audience Behavior Datasets – Now Used in Six Continents

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“It does not matter if a television show is airing on HBO, Netflix or Amazon, in the US, UK or China, our Demand Rating™ system will measure the audience demand for it in a globally comparable way.”

Valentine’s Day is most commonly associated with romance and relationships. As we spend time with our loved ones, we reflect on one of the most important relationships the world has ever seen – the relationship between storytellers and audiences. Parrot Analytics is at the heart of this relationship by measuring audience demand for content across the globe – now being used in six continents.

Before the advent of writing, storytelling connected, educated, and entertained people of all ages and backgrounds. In 2016, storytelling continues to connect, educate and entertain people of all ages and backgrounds.

Yet it is unfortunate that one of the world’s oldest relationships has lost much of its romance. Today, storytellers and audiences are separated by a long value chain frantically laboring to keep up with society’s technological advances. At the heart of this ongoing struggle is the need to better understand what audiences are demanding in order to better serve them.

With antiquated audience measurement systems and a rapidly fragmenting OTT landscape, however, understanding what audiences are demanding is anything but simple. Over 3.2 billion people are now connected to the internet, yet in the world’s largest television market, the United States, national television ratings are based on a panel of less than 20,000 homes. The issue spans the globe; in India, to represent 1.252 billion people, 3000 people are metered that reside only in selected cities. With over-the-top (OTT) platforms like Netflix and Amazon not releasing their consumption numbers, the issue is only exacerbated. Given the lack of globally comparable, cross-platform audience demand data, how can the industry serve an audience it does not understand?

It is only apt that a company built on the belief in “the magic of content and the impact it has on people’s lives” and whose mission is to “connect content creators with consumers”, solves the issue. Powered by the world’s largest TV audience behavior and consumption datasets, Parrot Analytics has built an unprecedented platform revealing what audiences are demanding in 249 countries.

“We built the world’s largest TV audience demand measurement platform, but we did not want to stop there,” said Wared Seger, CEO and Co-Founder, Parrot Analytics, whose global audience behavior datasets are unrivalled in today’s fragmented TV landscape.

“We are using the platform to provide the television industry with its first truly global, cross-platform audience demand measurement system,” said Seger. “It does not matter if a television show is airing on HBO, Netflix or Amazon, in the US, UK or China, our Demand Rating™ system will measure the audience demand for it in a globally comparable way.”

Parrot Analytics captures the widest spectrum of actual audience behavior, from video streaming consumption, activity on social media and blogging platforms to file-sharing and peer-to-peer consumption in 249 countries. With a world-class data science team and a shareholder base boasting the Founding Professor of MIT Media Lab, Parrot Analytics developed the television industry’s leading artificial intelligence platform to bring its demand measurement system to life. For example, as audiences express various signals of demand for content – from streaming an episode to commenting on social media – the company’s DemandRank™ system assigns a relative weighting of importance to each signal (watching a full episode is a stronger signal of demand than clicking ‘like’ on a page).

The resulting weighted Demand Expressions™ system provides a scale that can be used to measure and compare the audience demand for any television show on any distribution platform, anywhere in the world. For example, Parrot Analytics is releasing weekly data to show the most in-demand television series in the United States. This enables the industry to compare network, cable, and OTT-original shows on the same measurement scale for the very first time.

Last Week’s Top 10 Digital Original Series in the United States:

1.    Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Netflix (6.83m Demand Expressions™)
2.    Orange is the New Black – Netflix (6.66m Demand Expressions™)
3.    The Man in the High Castle – Amazon (5.46m Demand Expressions™)
4.    Daredevil – Netflix (3.8m Demand Expressions™)
5.    Mozart in the Jungle – Amazon (3.67m Demand Expressions™)
6.    Narcos – Netflix (3.41m Demand Expressions™)
7.    House of Cards – Netflix (3.29m Demand Expressions™)
8.    Sense8 – Netflix (3.16m Demand Expressions™)
9.    Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – Crackle (2.89m Demand Expressions™)
10.    Transparent – Amazon (2.78m Demand Expressions™)

Last Week’s Top 10 TV Shows in the United States:

1.    Pretty Little Liars (27.34m Demand Expressions™)
2.    The Walking Dead (26.33m Demand Expressions™)
3.    The X-Files (21.74m Demand Expressions™)
4.    Teen Wolf (19.18m Demand Expressions™)
5.    American Horror Story (18.65m Demand Expressions™)
6.    Game of Thrones (17.53m Demand Expressions™)
7.    The Big Bang Theory (17.14m Demand Expressions™)
8.    The Expanse (16.77m Demand Expressions™)
9.    The Flash (16.53m Demand Expressions™)
10.    America’s Funniest Home Videos (16.32m Demand Expressions™)

Parrot Analytics’ global demand measurement system provides media companies, brands and agencies with the ability to compare audience demand for programs on different distribution platforms and different markets – all on the same scale – something not currently possible using existing audience measurement services.

The company also offers the television industry’s most comprehensive audience-demographic-channel segmentation solution. “Not only can we measure how much demand is being expressed for a particular program in a specific market, but we can also measure who is expressing that demand and how they are expressing it,” adds Seger. “From content creators and buyers to marketers, agencies and consumer product companies, understanding global audience demand is no longer a guessing game, regardless of who is and isn’t releasing their data.”

With the issue of understanding global audience demand solved, the industry can now focus on better serving its customers. With that, Parrot Analytics hopes to bring back the romance in the storyteller-audience relationship.

Parrot Analytics is providing an easy way to access to its global cross-platform audience demand measurement system to media companies, brands and agencies. For more information, visit or contact the team at contact(at)parrotanalytics(dot)com.


Parrot Analytics is a data science company that empowers media companies, brands and agencies to understand global audience demand for television content. Wielding the world’s largest audience behavior data sets, the company has developed the world’s only global cross-platform, country-specific audience demand measurement system.

Parrot Analytics captures an unprecedented spectrum of actual audience behavior including video streaming consumption, social media, blogging platforms, file-sharing and peer-to-peer consumption spanning 249 countries. This enables media companies, for the very first time, to understand audience demand for content across all content distribution platforms in all markets around the world.

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