Salts Worldwide Announces A Sale On Unrefined Sea Salt And Himalayan Salt Due To The Correlation Of A Healthier Diet

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Studies from a recent article published by Columbia University show scientific reports that the reduction of salt in the diet is beneficial for overall health

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Salts Worldwide responded to the longstanding controversy of whether salt is healthy or not. The President of Salts Worldwide claims that the health epidemic in America could just be the effects of the corrupt modern diet and too much refined salt. The sale announced by Salts Worldwide is to promote the taste and health benefits of unrefined sea salt. There are different types of unrefined sea salt such as Himalayan and Black Truffle salt.

Salts Worldwide believes salt is good for you and is worth its weight in gold citing in premodern times that salt used to be traded at an equal exchange rate with gold. One ounce of salt was worth one ounce of gold. If salt was unhealthy and bad for you it would not have held such a high value in less modern times. Salts Worldwide is convinced that refined salt and the modern American diet which uses too much salt is causing health issues, not unrefined sea salt.

“Americans trying to get healthier should buy unrefined sea salt and just use less to avoid unnatural additives. The nutritional benefits of unrefined sea salt make it an obvious healthy alternative to regular salt,” stated the President of Salts Worldwide.

Researchers from Columbia University unveil the paradoxical analysis of nearly 300 published academic reports pertaining to high-salt consumption in humans. Scientists are conducting experiments to confirm if too much refined salt is to blame for the health epidemic in America.

After an examination of 269 previously published academic reports on the health effects of a high-salt diet, 13 percent were inconclusive, they did not support nor agree with the hypothesis that a reduction in salt intake is associated with better health, 33 percent were not in agreement of the hypothesis and 54 percent were supportive of this hypothesis. The academic reports examined were a collection of narrative reviews, letters, comments, clinical guidelines, consensus statements, meta-analysis and primary studies. Each individual study was determined to be for or against the idea that reducing salt intake lowers the rates of death, stroke and heart disease.

The modern American diet is referred to as MAD by Drew Ramsey, a practicing psychiatrist, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry and coauthor of The Happiness Diet. He recommends eating a wide variety of organic vegetables because conventional vegetables, depending on how they were farmed, are diminished in vital nutrients. “Factory-raised meat and dairy are the top dietary source of toxins,” he said. To avoid these toxins he recommends buying organic eggs and organic whole milk. The current modern American diet does not nourish the brain. Heavily processed foods are loaded with added sugar and toxins.

The constant consumption of these modern American foods have not only increased America’s heart health epidemic, but also a mental health epidemic of depression, which Ramsey contends is even more dangerous than the physical health. “People always say eating organic is expensive, but if you consider what a MAD eater will need to spend on health care down the road, it’s really not at all,” said Ramsey. “And why wouldn’t you want to invest in your brain?”

”Salt is essential for life. Consuming too much of a good thing has the potential to be bad for you – but it doesn’t make the good thing bad.” commented the President of Salts Worldwide. “But the kind of salt you use matters. If you use typical iodized salt, you are consuming sugar salt. Unrefined sea salt is pure salt with trace minerals and micro-nutrients provided by nature.” She adds.

Most people do not recognize that the difference for what is marketed as “regular salt” and what actual authentic salt from the sea is. Regular salt is the standard refined variety. This regular table salt is refined by heating it to 1200 Degrees, which alters the natural chemical structure. Typical table salt has been stripped of naturally occurring elements and becomes 99.5 percent sodium chloride and 0.5 percent chemicals such as moisture absorbents, sugar and iodine.

There is one area both sides of scientific research do agree on: Too much salt can be dangerous. The most critical question is how much is too much salt? Defining a “natural” level of salt has been a longstanding debate for decades. Maybe lowering salt intake just means eating less pre-packaged meals and buy Himalayan Salt instead of typical table salt to cook with. Next time you shop for salt, consider an unrefined sea salt variety such as Black Truffle Salt, the exotic flavor is unmatched. Salts Worldwide puts it simply “Please salt responsibly!”

About Salts Worldwide:
Salts Worldwide is a gourmet salt and bath salt company that offers high quality kosher grade salts and bath salts. All of their salts for food consumption are gourmet food quality. Salts Worldwide offers a healthy alternative to regular salt and commercial salt. They are located in Ossian, Indiana.


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