"Risk Literacy Trading the Great Correction of 2015" by M.J. Milner, a Book On Stock Trading During Market Corrections is Now Available on Amazon

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Risk Literacy was written during the first real Correction of the past 8 years, as the Market churned well over 10,000 points losing almost 20% of its value. A fast moving, sophisticated trading journal of an experienced trader, the book is loaded with interesting trades, advice and financial wisdom.

Risk Literacy attempts to illustrate to home stock traders the best behavior to exhibit while trading during a major market correction. If you are new to stock trading, watch CNBC and trade at home, you probably have never been caught in a full fledged cascade of dropping stock prices, during a Correction. Risk Literacy contains specific and detailed information about what one home trader did during the first major Correction in this decade. It discusses in great depth the principles of Risk Literacy as they apply to investing, plus richly detailed stock market strategies and tactics. All of this applies specifically to trading during a present day correction. This time period was historic and will be studied by serious investors for years.

Risk Literacy is a non fiction narrative of a trader who was writing a book for instructional purposes. Unknown to him he was about to be immersed in a very volatile trading event. During the third quarter of 2015 over two trillion dollars of equity vanished in a ten day period from the U.S. equity markets. While this was going on, the Dow Jones zig zagged over 10,000 cumulative points. Parts of the stock market were down over 20%. The Great Correction of 2015 was underway. During this time author of Risk Literacy was writing a daily journal of the trades that he was making. His commentary is exciting and remarkable, a narrative of emotional discipline during a treacherous time of uncertainty and panic. Going into the book the author knew there were a number of events on the horizon that were going to roil the markets. Unknown to him he was about to be immersed in a very different, but volatile series of historic trading events.

Originally the book was conceived as an instructional journal to assist older, less aggressive investors in upping their game, and perhaps produce an income replacement stream from small, inadequate, long term, retirement funds. Written for people with more than basic investing backgrounds this book is loaded with actual trades and operating strategies. Additionally there are discussions of a number of new trading houses that have recently made inroads into the financial scene. Although not overly complex this book and its contents may have to get several reads before fully capturing much of the trading wisdom it contains. The action is steady and the results, both good and bad, are never revealed until the trade is actually added to the balance column. This book gives very clear insights to an "at home" trader who views financial news on the cable TV network CNBC.

Risk Literacy, although loaded with the complexity of financial ideation, offers even the new initiate or beginner, many simple, money saving strategies largely unavailable in the current literature. The author, M.J. Milner @riskliteracyUS started out writing one book that was meant to create a simple understanding of a trading period that should have been easily managed. He was attempting to extract $2,000 a month from a limited amount of money while keeping his original capital intact. The results of the losses and gains that occurred during this time period easily will reverberate into next year. Depending upon people's ability to capture the learning curve these events may end up being studied for decades to come.

How the author did is not revealed until the closing chapters of the book. He did hit his targets, but it was a "near thing." These financial events, from the point of view of an amateur investor, are captured, so they can be converted into useful guidelines and rules. In the future this book may turn into the reference book for trading during the action of a full, present day, financial correction, by traders everywhere. The latest correction in January of 2016 was oddly similar and lasted over a full month and lost almost 3 trillion dollars. Further updates on correction concepts can be found on http://www.riskliteracy.us The shape of the new correction model has not fully emerged but appears to have a distinct pattern, given the macro changes the markets have absorbed.

Risk Literacy is highly recommended for new and intermediate investors who have not actively be immersed in a full "stock market panic" situation. It is available on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Risk-Literacy/dp/B01BW2NFZ6/ and other fine eBook retailing websites.

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