Unified Compliance Announces Integration With Total Compliance Tracking

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Provides seamless end to end compliance requirement identification and management

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This is a great marriage of technologies—the TCT Portal and the UCF are complementary to one another with no overlap between our systems, making the decision to invest in this integration for the benefit of our mutual customers a very easy decision.

Unified Compliance, the premier provider of compliance mapping and creators of the Unified Compliance Framework® (UCF®) and the Common Controls Hub® (the SaaS front-end for the UCF) announces that the TCT Portal by Total Compliance Tracking (TCT) is the first compliance management system to access the Unified Compliance Framework through the Common Controls Hub API.

Total Compliance Tracking are the creators of high quality, cost effective SaaS based compliance management solutions for companies that are undergoing and/or assessing compliance requirements. “This is a great marriage of technologies—the functionality of the TCT Portal and the UCF are complementary to one another with no overlap between our systems, making the decision to invest in this integration for the benefit of our mutual customers a very easy decision,” said Adam Goslin, CEO of Total Compliance Tracking.

Many organizations are subject to more than one form of compliance, and are subject to risks that the compliance stance of their vendors, partners and customers present. The solution provided by the Common Controls Hub® dramatically streamlines the process for organizations to quickly generate a list of Common Controls across their various compliance requirements, and disseminate that list of controls to organizations that need to confirm their compliance stance, whether that organization is a vendor, subsidiary, client or list of member organizations. For some of the participants in the complex compliance matrix, it makes sense for them to perform self attestation given they have few applicable requirements. However, many organizations are responsible to confirm compliance with numerous and complex requirements, which is where the advanced compliance workflow management capabilities of the TCT Portal shine.

Historically, companies have used spreadsheets to manage their compliance, and some poor soul at the organization drew the short straw and was forced to be the eye of the compliance hurricane, attempting to coordinate hundreds of items for compliance across multiple organizations and in many cases dozens of people. The task is immeasurably complex, often involving many sources for data points, including SFTP servers, email, voicemail, meeting minutes and other disparate systems to gather the inputs and status of items on the spreadsheet as the process of manual compliance management is executed.

Total Compliance Tracking, with over a decade of boots on the ground compliance experience, built a SaaS based portal whose objective is to provide a cost effective platform where all participants on a compliance engagement have a single pane of glass to leverage for managing the complex workflows of a compliance engagement. This is not a system that was built by a software company that believes they understand compliance, but instead a product of real world compliance experience as a company undergoing compliance, as a company assisting others with their compliance preparation, as a company working alongside auditors to assess compliance and finally as an organization performing as a contract assessor QA. Bottom line – this system was built by people that intimately know the challenges of the compliance landscape in order to make the lives of those living and breathing compliance more efficient, without breaking the bank.

“Our integration with Total Compliance Tracking will allow our customers to realize the efficiencies of the TCT Portal compliance management and workflow capabilities, while enabling TCT customers with multiple compliance requirements or complex compliance distribution channels to take advantages of the Common Controls Hub® capabilities,” said Craig Isaacs, CEO, Unified Compliance.

For joint customers of the TCT Portal and the CCH, they will enjoy the ability to electronically download their list of common controls for attestation into the TCT Portal, leverage workflow and evidentiary collection procedures, and once items for compliance reach a completed state, upload the summary state of compliance back into the UCF for distribution upward to their compliance reporting structure in an end-to-end integrated solution. The integration between Total Compliance Tracking and Common Controls Hub® dramatically improves the efficiency of organizations facing this daunting task.

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About Unified Compliance and the UCF

Since 1992, Unified Compliance has developed ground-breaking tools to support IT best practices, with a focus on solutions and processes that further the science of compliance, including harmonization methods, metrics, systems continuity and governance. The UCF was created by Dorian Cougias and his research partner, Marcelo Halpern of the international law firm Perkins Coie, which oversees all legal aspects of the UCF.

Recently honored with a GRC Innovation Award for Technical Innovation in Regulatory Intelligence for Compliance Management by independent governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) analyst firm GRC 20/20 Research, the UCF provides targeted, harmonized research on what an organization needs to do — and not do — to achieve and maintain compliance with industry, government, and best practice demands.

The UCF’s architecture was specifically designed for the delivery of all of the information necessary to establish governance methodologies. Customers using the UCF can document and leverage the links between harmonized controls, records, assets (and their configurations), events, metrics, and roles.

More information can be found at http://www.unifiedcompliance.com and commoncontrolshub.com.

About the Science of Compliance

By applying the scientific method to compliance — rigorously testing best practices and methodologies as well as analyzing and organizing information into a rational format — Unified Compliance has developed a logical approach to IT compliance that reduces cost, limits liability, simplifies the compliance process and leverages the value of related technologies and services across the enterprise.

About Total Compliance Tracking and the TCT Portal

With well over a decade of real world experience in the security and compliance space, Total Compliance Tracking, LLC created an experience driven, yet cost effective SaaS based online compliance workflow management system (TCT Portal) to streamline compliance engagements for all parties involved. The TCT Portal supports functionality for all participants on a compliance engagement, including those going through compliance, consultants assisting those companies with compliance execution, auditors/assessors evaluating the compliant stance and the auditor/assessor final QA function.

Total Compliance Tracking clients are an integral part of the continuous improvement process of the TCT Portal, creating an environment where the development roadmap is primarily driven by those actively in the compliance space, enabling all participants the benefit recommendations / suggestions of others.

The TCT Portal supports all manner of industry standard compliance requirements, such as PCI, HIPAA, ISO and more, in addition to serving the needs of organizations with custom requirements.

More information can be found at http://www.GetTCT.com

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