Finally, A Shield that Truly Protects Your Skin During Gel Polish Nail Services

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YouVeeShield announces the only skin protector with FDA approved ingredients to block UV rays from nail lamps, protecting hands and feet from premature aging and sun spots.


“What people don’t understand, is that it only takes 10 gel polish services before your skin is compromised,” said Founder & CEO Renee Albera. “Each gel manicure is equivalent to being in the sun for approximately 21 to 40 minutes.

YouVeeShield has created the first disposable skin protector for hands and feet to block 99.9% of the UV light emitted from UV/LED nail lamps during the curing of gel polish. Unlike most “protective” gloves found in nail salons to protect the skin, YouVeeShield protectors have FDA approved ingredients that are effective in blocking the rays, protecting skin from unnecessary exposure including premature aging, wrinkles and sunspots.

“What people don’t understand, is that it only takes 10 gel polish services before your skin is compromised,” said Founder & CEO Renee Albera. “Each gel manicure is equivalent to being in the sun for a pproximately 21 to 40 minutes. Imagine doing that twice a month, for years on end, with no UV protection.” The Skin Cancer Foundation is also on board.

In 2015, they changed their website to reflect that the LED lamps are not safe. After further research, they now state correctly that all nail lamps used to cure gel polishes emit UV radiation.

As an early adopter, Albera got her first gel manicure in 2010, when the technology first appeared in U.S. nail salons and loved it. It was long lasting (up to two weeks) and dried instantly. However, she gradually started noticing sunspots on the top of her hands. It was disheartening, but more so, it was scary. She did not want to discontinue one of her new favorite beauty regimes and knew she wasn’t the only one. Gel manicures were on the rise. In fact in 2014, 85% of customers were asking for gel manicures or pedicures. Renee recognized how this was going to become a larger problem with generations of women (and men) now being exposed to UV radiation without their knowledge.

In 2014, Renee began researching and talking to doctors and influencers to see what could be done. She quickly realized one of the biggest problems was the lack of shared knowledge and knowledge being withheld, especially within the nail salons.

“People are not informed. UV and LED nail lamps are classified as ‘moderate risk,’ but that is actually incredibly high,” stated Albera. “‘Moderate risk’ or ‘risk two’ lamps are the highest risk group of lighting systems allowed to be used by the general public in unsupervised conditions. That’s scary stuff.”

Renee worked closely with engineers to develop early prototypes of YouVeeShield. The heat resistant gloves (made of a thermal plastic elastomer) block the skin from the UV radiation emitted from the nail lamps, combating sunspots and wrinkles. The shields are infused with FDA approved titanium dioxide, to block out 99.9% of the UV light emitted from the lamps. After further market testing, the shields were validated as the only skin protectant able to block 99.96% of UV Light emitted from the UV and LED Lamps and were released for sale.

YouVeeShield is launching an Indiegogo campaign on March 7, 2016 to expand the business development, marketing and distribution of the product. Consumers and salons who purchase YouVeeShield through the campaign are eligible to receive discounted pricing and the possibility to win a LED OPI Nail Lamp (valued at $500.00 along with samples of YVS). Product is also available on at, Amazon and eBay.

“My goal is to provide generations of skin protection during the gel manicures and pedicures they love, allowing them to maintain their beauty routines safely and confidently,” said Albera. “Ultimately, gel manicures and pedicures are beauty services. Why be exposed to something that is harmful to your skin during a service that is enhancing your beauty?”

About YouVeeShield
YouVeeShield creates disposable skin protectors for hands and feet that block 99.9% of dangerous UV light from nail lamps, protecting hands from premature aging, wrinkles and sunspots during gel-polish nail services. The .003 inch shield is made from a thermoplastic elastomer that contains titanium dioxide, an inert and safe FDA-approved additive, giving the shield it's white color and UV blocking capabilities. YouVeeShield is the only product proven to block 99.9% of the UV light .The company was founded in 2014 by Renee Albera and is located in Menlo Park, CA. Made in the USA, the Shields are distributed exclusively by YouVeeShield, LLC.



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