10-Year Anniversary of the Conscious Transcendence of the Great Shaolin Chan Spiritual Leader, Upper Su, Lower Xi

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March 17, 2016 (Feb. 9th, 2016 of the Chinese Lunar Calendar) marks the ten year anniversary of the conscious spiritual transcendence of His Holiness, great spiritual leader, the last chief master monk of the elder generations of the Shaolin Temple, Venerable Shi SuXi. His close disciple DeRu along with all students of Shaolin Institute campuses across the southeast of the US will meditate together with his top disciple DeYang of the Shaolin Temple in China at the same day in different time zone on the planet of earth.

DeRu Pay respect to his Shifu

The everlasting spiritual consciousness of his heart-mind and teachings lights the path for his disciples such as DeYang and DeRu and followers of the Dharma in his lineage today as they strive forward into this new era for Shaolin.

March 17, 2016 (Feb. 9th, 2016 of the Chinese Lunar Calendar) marks the ten year anniversary of the conscious spiritual transcendence of His Holiness, great spiritual leader, chief master monk, Ven. Shi Upper Su Lower Xi. His close disciple Shi DeRu, along with all students of Shaolin Institute campuses across the southeast of the US, together with his top disciple Shi DeYang of the Shaolin Temple in China will meditate on the same day in a different time zones on the planet earth, starting from China's Beijing time 10:00 AM, ending with Atlanta Eastern time 9:00 PM.

On February 9th, 2006 of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Ven. SuXi transcended his consciousness and spirit from earthly life (Chin.: yuánjì 圆寂), after 82 years, 70 of them in service to the Shaolin Temple. The Shaolin Monastery bid farewell to an era.

As in Chan, no words can express the magnitude of his high conscious influence in spirit and in people in China and around the world, nor can words express his contributions to Shaolin and to the world, but his legacy lives on. The torch is carried to the generations to come by those who followed in his footsteps like DeYang and DeRu, his two top disciples (http://shaolinchancity.blogspot.com/2009/01/ven-shi-suxi-chin-sh-sx.html).

Shaolin's great spiritual leader, Ven. Shi SuXi (Shì Sùxǐ Zhǎnglǎo 释素喜长老) lived a long and legendary life on earth. As the last monk of the ancient era, he was a link to the teachings of the Qing Dynasty and generations before and new generations to come.

“His Holiness, our Shifu, the great Chan master of this century, is in fact a man with simple means”, said DeRu a direct disciple of great master SuXi, “dedicated to the self-cultivation and travel on the path of Chan.” His devotion to Chan Buddhism has never changed since the day when he entered the Shaolin Temple. He used the teaching of Shaolin Kung Fu to express and teach the spirit of Chan living and Chan philosophy, leading thousands of people on the Chan Buddhist path.

"The great master’s presence is still felt by millions worldwide,” said DeRu, . “His body has perished, his Qi and consciousness went back to the universe, his holy spirit reached the nirvana and echoed back to earth leading us and carrying us over and above.”

Known as the “Bodhisattva” or “enlightened one” of the modern era, the great master Shi SuXi is credited for saving the Shaolin Temple’s arts treasures and Shaolin Chan culture.

He never revealed his enlightenment to his disciples by telling or teaching, but only by showing them, using his example of motion and daily life applications to point the way to Nirvana said DeYang.
"Shifu often used the Kung Fu staff, the most favorite instrument in Shaolin, to demonstrate the truth of Chan. To comprehend Chan is comparable to experiencing the significance of staff play. To apply proficiency with the staff to life is like applying Chan in life", explained DeRu.

His work becomes the model for many devoted Chan masters and teachers. His devotion to teaching and cultivating young Chan Buddhist Masters, monks and leaders as well as Kung Fu practitioners continues, regardless of wherever he is.

His compassion toward all sentient beings prevailed wherever he was present. He distributed all the devotion funds and donations he received whenever he saw there was a need. When people around him talked about his love and generosity, he would always say with a smile: “Don’t mention the little thing I am supposed to do”.

He never treasured any material possessions and never kept any material things for himself. His close disciple DeRu once gave him some money for his own health and nutrition. “Shifu gave much of that money to a strange monk in need, who was passing by the Shaolin Temple from another temple”, expressed Master Chen, who served the great Master as a Chan cook for many years.

Great master SuXi worked toward re-establishing and rebuilding not only the physical Shaolin Temple but also Chan philosophy, arts and culture, the image and spirituality of the Temple. He traveled all over China in his old age.

He never failed to amaze everyone with his tireless efforts to heal people and save people when they were in danger, either physically or mentally. Whenever people praised him for his magical deeds, he simply smiled, saying that it was nothing. His countless daily good works for people and Chan imprinted into every soul he touched.

He often acted without words and instead points to the truth, to lead his disciples to experience, directly and personally, a life in the inner spirit. He was and still is in consciousness of the cosmos, spiritually the person of great character with integrity, compassion, kindness, perseverance, courage, and high moral ethics representing what Shaolin is and has been about for over 1500 years.
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