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"The consumer has the right to be able to shop for annuities without the fear of being harassed by an agent," said Creator and Founder Stan The Annuity Man.

Game changer. Industry disruptor. Transformative. is the future of the annuity industry.

Consumers can now shop for the best annuity strategies with the top carriers on their own terms, and without the need for an annuity agent. provides the most comprehensive online selection of live quotes with no sign up requirements, no obligation, and no interaction with an salesperson. That means no follow up sales calls. It’s both ironic and informative that America’s Top Annuity Agent, Stan Haithcock (aka: Stan The Annuity Man), is the Creator and Founder of this ground breaking company that will change the annuity industry forever.

“ are one of the last financial products available where a real, comprehensive website didn’t exist, until now. The consumer is smart enough to educate themselves if given all of the needed information, and capable of making an informed buying decision on their own terms,” says Stan The Annuity Man. “And the consumer has the right to be able to shop for annuities without the fear of being harassed by an agent.”

The primary portal website is, and within that site consumers can choose to go to 4 product specific sites depending on their specific goals.

According to Stan The Annuity Man, “Annuities are not investments. They are contractual commodities that should be shopped for the highest guarantees for your specific situation.” He further noted, “ allows you to shop pretty much every carrier that is approved in your state to find the best contractual deal.” In other words, the consumer wins. Yes, the consumer now wins with annuities.

As Steve Jobs once prophetically said, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” What Apple is to phones, Uber to transportation, Amazon to retail, and AirBnB to hotel lodging, is to annuities…and is the permanent disruption to the archaic annuity industry. will finally give the consumer full control of the annuity buying process. Annuities are no longer going to be sold by a high pressure agent. With the introduction of, annuities can now be purchased by the consumer on their terms and on their time frame.

“The direct model that offers is a game changer for the industry and finally puts consumers in the annuity driver’s seat. Just like you have a choice to use an advisor or buy direct with stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds, you now have that same choice with annuities,” explains Stan The Annuity Man.

Other unique benefits of the direct-to-consumer annuity model with include:

  • The ability to take advantage of the free look period and get a full refund of your money after purchasing and with no questions asked;
  • Ability to get the best price quotes from 99% of all U.S. annuity carriers; and,
  • 24/7/365 no agent needed access to the most comprehensive annuity information available.

“With over 10,000 baby boomers retiring every single day, and looking for safe contractual guarantees, is the essential consumer conduit for these needed transfer of risk strategies”, exclaims Stan The Annuity Man. “You still can choose to use an agent like me to purchase an annuity, but now you also have a choice to go direct --”

About offers consumers a broad range of annuity options and pricing through its product specific sites: (for Single Premium Immediate Annuities); (for Deferred Income Annuities); (for Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts), and (for Multi Year Guaranteed Annuities). “No Agent Needed.”

About Stan The Annuity Man

Stan The Annuity Man is the country’s leading independent voice on the annuities industry, and recognized as America’s Top Independent Annuity Agent. He has been called “the walking middle finger of annuity truth”, “the annuity industry’s wake-up call”, “the red headed stepchild of the annuity world”, and the “annuity industry gadfly.” Consumers love him. The industry establishment hates him for his brutally factual stance on all things annuity. Stan is the most quoted, most read, and most respected annuity expert in the country and has published 6 books on the controversial annuity topic – including the critically acclaimed, The Annuity Stanifesto.

Stan is a self-described annuity consumer advocate and was the primary source for Senator Elizabeth Warren’s ongoing investigation into the annuities industry. With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, he has developed unique proprietary and trademarked annuity strategies that have been adopted throughout the annuity industry. In addition to the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch, Stan is a regular contributor to numerous national outlets including, Retirement Weekly, has appeared on Fox Business and and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Kiplinger’s, Investor’s Business Daily and Motley Fool, just to name a few.

For more information, go to or follow him on Twitter @StanAnnuityMan.

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