Clear Road Ahead for Recently Launched Life-Saving Road Ice Melter

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The Auto Melter™: A Breakthrough in Road Safety Recently Launched

In the United States alone, the menace of road ice causes over 150,000 vehicle collisions, 40,000 injuries, and almost 600 fatalities per year. Of course, the annual financial costs extend into the billions. Fortunately, a cost-effective and ingeniously simple solution to this problem has been formulated by an Arkansas inventor. The solution, known as the Auto Melter™, revolves around a clever and highly practical use of the smoldering hot exhaust air emitted from the back of the car.

Bobby Snow determined that what was needed was a bi-directional exhaust diverter, beyond the muffler, that could direct the hot exhaust air downward when desired and then revert back to the standard outward mechanism for normal road conditions. With such a device, those living in regions with icy road conditions will be able to convert their cars into automatic road-ice melting devices. When adopted by a significant number of people within a given region, the Auto Melter™ will decrease the safety hazard of road ice significantly by melting it with extremely hot exhaust air.

It is evident that the Auto Melter™ is both effective and cost-effective, i.e. inexpensive to implement. The product may be activated manually, remotely, or even controlled by a sensor triggered by cold temperatures and/or a certain level of moisture. Best of all, its size can be customized to accommodate almost any type of vehicle – from compact sedans to semis. It is also important to clarify that there are no circumstances in which the device impedes the flow or even the sound of the exhaust. Rather, on an as needed basis, the Auto Melter simply redirects that flow in a manner that mitigates the hazards of dangerously icy driving conditions.

For these reasons, among others, Bobby Snow’s breakthrough invention is able to substantially reduce the menace of road ice in an ingeniously powerful and inexpensive manner. Bobby and his wife Ruth have already prototyped and tested the core function of the patent-pending product extensively. It has performed exceptionally well as the fundamental concept is powerful and simple to implement from an engineering perspective. The Auto Melter™ is well-suited to larger-scale production.

Presently, Bobby and Ruth Snow are communicating with various regulatory, road safety advocacy, and industry stakeholders about the safety and financial benefits of the Auto Melter™. If you or your organization would like to reach out to Bobby and Ruth, you may reach them through their new website, ( As well, through that site, you can gain access to additional Auto Melter™ materials – including a brief demonstration video and excellent information about the unique market benefits of this much needed invention.

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