SenseDriver Says It’s Time to Invest in Safe Driving Technology Following 2015’s Hike in Auto Accidents

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Connected Car Company Believes Attracting Drivers to Safe Driving Is the Solution to Distracted Driving Fatalities

SenseDriver Technologies' Head Up Display, SenseHUD

It’s human nature not to want to be limited and controlled,” Amaru says. “A product that doesn’t offer safety in conjunction with freedom and pleasure will never be adopted widely enough to make a meaningful impact.

SenseDriver Technologies announced today that now is the moment to invest in smart, safe, driving technology. With an increase in distracted driving deaths in 2015 and a corresponding increase in auto insurance policy rates, SenseDriver believes its technology offers a solution by making safe driving attractive. The connected car company produces a next-generation, safe driving, head up display (SenseHUD) that works in conjunction with a safe driving app (SenseSay). The SenseHUD lets drivers safely connect to their online world through their smart phone while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Distracted driving and the rising costs of the auto insurance industry have even caught Warren Buffet’s eye. In an observation during a CNBC interview on February 29, 2016, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway attributed its subsidiary company, Geico’s, loss of half its profits last year (which accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars) to the unexpected, recent rise in auto accidents. Buffet linked the auto deaths to drivers distracted by their phones, saying that cars have become safer, so drivers, not cars, must explain the recent rise in traffic deaths.

A 2015 press release from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 32,675 deaths from motor vehicle crashes in 2014, but pointed to an alarming rise in fatalities during the first six months of 2015, estimating that deaths are up 8.1% from the same time the year before. The National Safety Council reports a higher 14% increase for the first half of 2015. In its press release on February 17, 2016, Deborah Hersman, NSC President, warns drivers: "Driving a car is one of the riskiest activities any of us undertake in spite of decades of vehicle design improvements and traffic safety advancements. Engage your defensive driving skills and stay alert so we can reverse this trend in 2016."

“Bans on cell phones are not working, and neither is increased education about the dangers of distracted driving,” says Michael Amaru, Co-Founder of SenseDriver Technology. “We have to tackle this problem by attracting drivers to safer habits. The SenseHUD physically removes the phone from the driver’s hands, and lets them keep their focus on the road ahead, but it rewards them for this safe driving by allowing them to remain connected to their online world –to answer calls and navigate through voice commands.”

The founders of SenseDriver believe that past safety solutions have failed because they unrealistically limit people from engaging in communication in an era when connectivity has become a part of the essential fabric of every-day life. Safety measures also often rely on fear and guilt for motivation. Instead, SenseDriver intentionally offers drivers the immediate pleasure of connectivity in return for surrendering their smart phones.

“It’s human nature not to want to be limited and controlled,” Amaru says. “A product that doesn’t offer safety in conjunction with freedom and pleasure will never be adopted widely enough to make a meaningful impact.”

SenseDriver also wanted a sleek and attractive design for its technology -one that made drivers feel like they were stepping into the cockpit of a fighter jet. The glass display seamlessly adjusts to different lighting conditions, and the software boasts the most advanced voice recognition technology and an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive user interface that enhances the driver’s experience.

The low cost of SenseDriver’s technology differentiates it from other head up displays vying for market attention. Starting with the conviction that in order for wide adoption to occur, safety should be financially accessible to all drivers, SenseDriver designed its SenseHUD to harness the already-existent power of the smart phone instead of try to compete with its prowess or reinvent expensive technology that drivers already owned.

SenseDriver firmly believes it has a solution for a serious national problem –one that can help everyone from the average driver, to companies losing millions from distracted driving, to Warren Buffett himself.

“That’s the beauty of this device. It’s the best of the best. It’s innovative, simple and easily adoptable and affordable for everyone. We do what we do because we care about safety, and about eliminating the many tragic road deaths and injuries that families suffer every year. We have a practical solution to a very big problem,” says Amaru.

For further inquiries about SenseDriver Technologies, contact Shyam Desigan at: ShyamDesigan(at)kicventures(dot)com.

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