Benseron IT Announces EMV with Tip Adjust Support in Latest Bevo POS System Release

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Bevo POS, a leader in Point of Sale systems, now supports EMV with Tip Adjust. This gives restaurant owners the capability to offer their customers a seamless checkout experience and still shift liability for fraudulent transactions back to the credit card issuers.

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"EMV with Tip Adjust is one of these features that is very important for many of our users since it represents a way to speed up the service and turn more tables in the restaurant.”

October 1st 2015 was the day liability shift came into effect, creating a lot of confusion in the marketplace. This was especially difficult for the majority of restaurants because of how EMV transactions work. EMV required that the tips be adjusted before the card is authorized, which created a total change of payment workflow and customer experience in the restaurant environment.

Traditionally, the customer adds the tip to the check after authorization and then the restaurants go to the back office of their POS systems to add the tip amounts when they submit their batch. Since the EMV the process requires the transactions to be authorized by the cardholder, after the tip is added to the check, the payment and check out process is slowed drastically.

Not only did restaurant owners get caught off-guard, but most of the point of sale software vendors were also. Many are relying on the processors’ technology improvements to enable Tip Adjustment after authorization for their customers. Even with this, some POS vendors have given a date in 2017 for this critical feature.

Benseron and Hybrid Business Solutions have the answer now with Bevo POS.

Benseron’s Bevo POS has integrated EMV devices with Tip Adjustment feature through Hybrid Payments gateway and is shipping two solutions to this issue:

  •     Wireless table side terminals where customers can simply use an EMV device and process the payment at the table which automatically closes the check in the POS system with tips already adjusted.
  •     A network device connected to the POS system where the tip can either be adjusted at the time of the transaction or through Bevo’s back office before the end of the day.

“We are always adding great features to Bevo POS that deliver value to our users without slowing down the software or making things too complicated,” commented Onur Haytac CEO of Benseron. “Our previously announced merger with Hybrid Payments gives us ability to provide our customers a state of the art platform with unique features where customers can better manage their business with its credit card data analytical tools while keeping processing costs low. EMV with Tip Adjust is one of these features that is very important for many of our users since it represents a way to speed up the service and turn more tables in the restaurant.”

For more information, visit or call (800) 785-6012.

About Benseron
Benseron, the software developers behind the Bevo POS System and RestaJet Online Ordering Solution is a manufacturer of restaurant POS systems and software applications that streamline operations to help business owners reduce costs and improve efficiencies. The Bevo POS system provides the most advanced, yet elegantly simple, restaurant Point of Sale system available in the industry. Intuitive understanding of the restaurant business and the ability to convert that understanding into technological intelligence has set Benseron apart for other companies in the industry. Their corporate office is located at 6201 Lee Ann Ln Naples, Florida 34109. For additional information about Benseron, visit their website at or call 800-785-6012.

About Hybrid Business Solutions
Hybrid Business Solutions is a fast-growing credit card payment processing and merchant services company that offers a suite of solutions to help businesses succeed. Hybrid offers some of the best rates in the industry, while accommodating all of the latest payment technologies, including EMV, Apple Pay, and NFC. Hybrid also provides additional business solutions including gift cards, customer loyalty programs, data analytics, business funding, cash advances, and online ordering. Hybrid Business Solutions will now be located at the Benseron corporate office, at 6201 Lee Ann Ln. Naples, Florida 34109. For more information about Hybrid Business Solutions, visit their website at or call 877-755-4829.

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