The Strange Fruit No Longer Hanging From the Trees – A New Pro-Black Organization that is Serious About Revolution, and Making a Difference!

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It is the mission of Freedom League of Universal Consciousness (F.L.O.U.C.) to foster progressive social change through the advancement, development and empowerment of the black community. The organization was organized in Florida, with the intention of having chapters all across the country, and will focus on spirituality, economic development, schooling/training, education, self-defense, literary works, health, and building self-esteem/awareness.

Our names aren’t indigenous to us, our belief system isn’t indigenous to us, our current customs aren’t indigenous to us, and not until we reclaim these things will we be proud, and empowered Africans”

The Freedom League Of Universal Consciousness is a spiritual organization that is focused on bringing liberation to a people who have longed for true freedom. The organization was founded by the Master Teacher Neter of Amum-Ra Judah Ra Khephera Briskin in the state of Florida along with board members Lily Briskin, and Latala Cofield.

As proponents of self-education the group focuses on restoring ancestral African beliefs, and being beacons of light in the struggle for liberty in a country that for too long has ignored the lingering effects of chattel slavery. The focus of the order is to build temples to proliferate the Kemetic spiritual system that was suppressed in the ancient world by the Abrahamic religions.

There concentration is not one of just a spiritual nature though as they also have a strong emphasis on initiatives regarding economic development, education, self-defense, literary works, health, and building self-esteem/awareness.

President, and Director Judah Ra Khephera Briskin stalwartly believes that African people in America will never be able to shake the shackles of oppression until they are properly reprogrammed, and denounce Europeanization. “Our names aren’t indigenous to us, our belief system isn’t indigenous to us, our current customs aren’t indigenous to us, and not until we reclaim these things will we be proud, and empowered Africans,” he states as the driving force for the creation of the organization.

Recently they have begun to recruit new members, and are working toward building the first temple. It would be the first Kemetic temple in Florida, and will teach the principles, and practices of ancient Kemet, the name of what we now call Egypt before foreign invasions, and conquest. Briskin says that before the Apiru invaders came to Kemet the prevailing major spiritual system was Kemeticism, and the blueprint can be found in other major indigenous spiritual systems such as Yoruba. "Abraham has no historical evidence of existence, nor does Moses, nor does Jesus, nor does Muhammad, nor does Buddha. These personifications, and social constructs were created by civilizations who stole from our ancestors, and it is our mission to give back to them. No African came to America with a Bible, or a belief in a fictional character named Jesus, and that tool of white imperialism must be eradicated among our people," says Judah Briskin.

To learn more about these historical truths Master Teacher Judah Briskin suggest people read "A Book of The Beginnings" by Gerald Massey, "Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization" by Anthony Browder, "Precolonial Black Africa" and "The African Origin of Civilization" by Cheikh Anta Diop, "Christianity before Christ" by John G. Jackson, "Stolen Legacy: The Egyptian Origins of Western Philosophy" by George G. M. James, "Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites" by Ashraf Ezzat, and Deceptions, and Myths of the Bible by Lloyd M. Graham.

The organization also teaches that separation is the only salvation for African people in America, and look at integration as one of the worst mistakes in history. Europeans had the largest wealth building period in history during chattel slavery, and have yet to pay reparations, nor give the descendants of the slaves of that time the land they are entitled to so we see no way to overcome oppression without building for self, and empowering self.

"All one would have to do is look at the promises made with the Emancipation Proclamation to see the debt owed to descendants of slavery is still owed. Based on the latest calculations over 100 trillion dollars are owed to African people in America so as far as we’re concerned white America has no interest in fixing the horrors of the past, and only give lip service to our people to further exploit us. Dr. John Hope Franklin, and Dr. Claude Anderson have made very detailed arguments, and analysis on this subject.

"Police brutality, disenfranchisement, bigotry, economic inequality, and systemic racism are still very alive, and well which can clearly be seen at Trump rallies all across the country. It is our mission to combat that vehemently with the spirit of Marcus Garvey, the courageousness of Nat Turner, the anger of Malcolm X, and the heart of Harriet Tubman," asserts Mr. Briskin.

We are the new gatekeepers, we are unapologetically African, and our assignment is to bring about tangible change for our people. We start Kemetic studies April 22nd, 2016 using the facilities of the Unitarian Universalist sanctuary in Jacksonville, FL for a sign of spiritual commonality, and harmony. We also will have a book study class, and path to adulthood training for our African youth. To join the movement, or support our efforts check us out at

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