Lucid Meetings Adds Four New Meeting Templates for Reaching Decisions with a Group

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Lucid Meetings announces the latest in a series of expert meeting templates that allow meeting leaders to use proven techniques to make effective decisions.

If we had used these templates for many of the past meetings I’ve attended, I have no doubt that the groups I was participating in would have come to resolution faster and with more support for the outcome.

Lucid Meetings is pleased to announce the release of four new meeting templates that promise to better facilitate group decision making.

Successful business leaders know they must leverage their conversations with others to achieve optimal results, and the most impactful of these conversations usually takes place in a meeting. Generally, the most effective meetings focus on fostering decisions that will move a team forward, either by reviewing the outcomes of past decisions or by incorporating diverse viewpoints and reaching confident consensus.

However, not all leaders have perfected the art of building alignment within a team. There is often no clarity about how decisions are made - which can lead to confusion; participants could re-introduce the same decision at a later time or colleagues may claim they never supported a decision in the first place. 

Working together with Dr. Richard Lent, author of Leading Great Meetings: How to Structure Yours for Success, Lucid has designed a set of meeting templates that empower leaders to coordinate group decision making sessions more easily using proven techniques.

There are five basic ways to involve a group in making a decision - consensus, consent, compromise, counting votes, and by consult. One method may be more appropriate for a certain situation, where another may be best used in a certain organizational culture.  The templates are designed to remove conflicting assumptions about the process of how a team will arrive at a decision, implementing the optimal process for each specific meeting.

Lucid’s latest meeting templates use the above methods to provide a framework for building alignment. The complete set includes following four templates:

1) Gathering Productive Feedback
2) Making a Decision by Consensus
3) Reaching a Decision by Consent & Compromise
4) Using the Group to Consult on a Decision

In addition, the accompanying 25-page facilitators guide includes:

    -Introduction to the Five C's: Methods for Reaching Decisions with a Group
    -A Comparison of the Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Method
    -Three Example Meeting Structures
    -Step by Step Meeting Instructions
    -Links to Additional Resources

Since templates are built into Lucid’s meeting tools, users can select these templates during setup with one click and all of the settings will be automatically applied. Participants in the meeting are taken through a process to confidently and quickly come to an agreement or reach alignment on proposed issues.

Bringing meeting participants into decisions can lead to a higher level of engagement and buy-in to outcomes. This buy-in often encourages a team to work together more effectively, because they want the agreed-upon plan to succeed. 

"I’ve been a member of many committees and boards that need to come together and make important decisions on a regular basis, and I can appreciate the time and energy savings these techniques offer,” said John Keith, CEO of Lucid Meetings. “If we had used these templates for many of the past meetings I’ve attended, I have no doubt that the groups I was participating in would have come to resolution faster and with more support for the outcome." 

Visit our website to learn more and download the immediately usable templates, or sign up for a Lucid Meetings trial to start using the integrated templates today.

About Dr. Richard Lent, PhD
Rick is an expert meeting facilitator and leadership coach who spent the last 25 years working with groups to identify the most effective structures for getting results in meetings.

In these templates, Rick spells out options for making decisions, when and how to use the appropriate method, and lays out an approach for helping groups run meetings that build support, clarity, and commitment to each decision. He shares his perspective on meetings on his blog at

About Lucid Meetings
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