TheAppLabb CEO Shares Insights on "The Future of Apps" at Tuni Talks 41

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Kundan Joshi discusses future technology trends and how they'll affect the world.

Extend yourselves, imagine, think creatively about the problems in the world that you want to solve. With technology, you can achieve that.

On March 16, TheAppLabb CEO Kundan Joshi delivered the keynote speech at Tuni Talks 41. Joshi walked the crowd through what's in store for "Future of Apps" with a dynamic presentation that explained why people should operate based on where the market is going to be in the future, instead of where it is today.

Speaking to a packed house at Hotel Ocho in downtown Toronto, Joshi briefly discussed the history of apps, showing the first app to capture widespread attention—Nokia's snake game—before diving into what's to come in the future for apps and technology. He covered the history of apps before demonstrating how much apps have replaced in daily life, from simple calculators to family photos to entire books.

Next, Joshi dove into the top trends for the future including artificial intelligence, virtual & augmented reality, autonomous cars, the Internet of Things and wearables. He explained how Moore's Law, the idea that computing power will double every two years, will lead to exponential achievements in technology in the coming years. He then talked about the upcoming trends in the world of apps such as hyper-personalized apps tailored to individual preferences, needs and location, seamless connect between the real & digital worlds, fully integrated voice assistance across all apps, and app streaming. He gave a brief overview of where the Internet of Things is today before giving the audience a glimpse of how it will evolve, from mobile controlled lighting & devices to efficient smart homes with automated lighting, fitness tracking wearables to connected wellness monitoring, mobile keyless entry to smart walls that control security & events, and more.

He indicated that artificial intelligence will soon become a regular part of daily life. In the near future, when people go to their favourite retail stores, it's likely the store will be staffed by Pepper the Robot, a robot powered by IBM's Watson AI that perceives human emotion, recognizes faces and makes conversation. Home lives will be changed, as well. JIBO, the world's first social robot, can read & tell stories to children, proactively take photos at family gatherings, deliver hands-free messages and remind owners of tasks. Cubic, a personal AI, makes lives easier by controlling all a user's devices & apps with speech recognition, and can hold conversations including delivering traffic updates in the car, ordering delivery and adjusting the temperature in your home.

Joshi talked about how user interfaces will continue to evolve based on a user's demands, with gesture controlled interfaces, smart contact lenses and augmented reality devices. Nanobots will no longer be a science-fiction concept, as their medical application will become an integral part of improving human health.

As technology has become such a part of everyday life, it is more important than ever to look ahead to see where technology & innovation are going, and how much further they can go. Joshi ended his presentation with a thought-provoking challenge to the audience, saying "We are at a stage where science and technology has progressed to a point where our only constraint is imagination. Extend yourselves, imagine, think creatively about the problems in the world that you want to solve. With technology, you can achieve that."


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